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Theme 2 

Student Life 12 

Sports 62 

Album 108 

Closing 150 

Index 154 

Credits 160 

Thomas Carr Howe High 

4900 Julian Avenue 

Indianapolis, IN 46201 



Rather than not doing whatever it is that 
needs to be done, "just do it" is the phrase 
that guides. Rather than not studying, stu- 
dents just do it. Rather than not participat- 
ing in sports, students just do it. Students 
just eat rather than not doing it; and rather 
than not joining activities, students just do 
it. Rather than not graduating, students 
just do it. 

The faculty and staff "just do it" also. 
They teach, assess, console, relate, and 
communicate; they test; they snack; they 
cheer; they sponsor and they advise. 

2 1 Theme 

Opposite Page Left: Kristi Coyle can't resist the urge to 
just use the phone. 

Opposite Page Top Right: Matt Rainey is "just doing the 
weird thing" in the hallway. 

Opposite Page Bottom: Jesse Schmidt has a look of confu- 
sion as he tries to figure out just how to do it. 

Left: Mr. Dressier is being hanged by a student "just 
doing it" with Mr. Dressler's tie. 

Below; Hoards of students are caught "just doing it" dur- 
ing a springtime fire drill. 


Right: John Burton takes time out from weight lifting 
to get some education in the computer lab. 

Bottom Left: Mrs. Evelyn Keaton helps her class just 
do it in chemistry. Brian Ligon assists in the process. 

Bottom Right: A few students just imitate Mr. Vespo's 
silent laugh. 

Opposite Page Top Left: Just do it! — students just do 
it in ink drawings. 

Opposite Page Top Right: Behind stage, Clara Wins- 
low just does what is necessary to prepare herself for 
the musical. 

4 /Theme 

Above Middle: Just do it! — however, if you are drill- 
ing in the JROTC, you must wait for the proper signal 

Left: Just doing what students do before the start of 
the musical are Becky Starr, Chris Whaley, and Ja- 
cintha Malone. It really might be less trouble on the 
nerves to be just doing something else at this moment. 

Theme/ 5 

Below Left: John Moenius and Dave Carlyle "pop a 
squat" on the bench during a baseball game. 

Below Right: Howe fans thought that baseball was a 
spring and summer sport. Luckily, they had a blanket 
available for this unseasonable weather. 




6 1 Theme 

Just Do It! 

Opposite Page Middle Left: Cindy Martin would go to 
class if she felt well, but she finds it necessary just to 
rest in the nurse's office this day. 

Opposite Page Bottom Left: Mr. Charles Walter's al- 
gebra class works diligently together just to get their 
assignments finished. 

Opposite Page Bottom Right: Damon Zaphiriou adds 
to the decor of the school as he paints a muscled bee on 
the dry wall in the lobby. 

Top Left: The media center provides a place for Bobby 
Brunke just to get knowledge into his head. 

Top Right: After school, Andre Donaldson just goes to 
work. Handling the money is Andre's favorite task on 
the job at Osco. 

Left: Mr. Robert Berry just allows the nurse to draw 
blood for a Home Economics" class project to deter- 
mine cholesterol levels. He also just wants the nurse to 
hit a vein — "Please." 

Theme/ 7 

Top Middle: Melissa Jackson, Kowalski Martin, and 
Aaron Montgomery just try to beautify the school by 
covering the wall, set in place for the auditorium ren- 

Below: Danielle Vertner, captain, (center back) just 
tries to organize the JROTC Girls Drill Team for an 
after-school practice. 

Top Left: Students just pose for the camera, always looking for a 
"photo opportunity." 

Above: Amy Moore just does her hair to prepare for a Softball game. 

8 /Theme 


Far Left Middle: Stacie Armstrong, while waiting for 
after-school activities, just studies. 

Left: After school, Jayna Green, hyped up and ready 
to go, prepares to just do it on the tennis court. 

Below: With the help of student teacher. Miss Teresa 
Williams, Thespians and friends just go over lines for a 
one-act play. 

Theme/ 9 


Far Right: Mrs. Leffler's headcold is not, in this par- 
ticular case, what caused her nose to be large. 

Right: Just doing his make-up for the summer musical 
is Jason Cox. 

Middle Right: Editor Betsy Deeter just does it for the 

Middle Left: A professional artist just does it for an art 


Left: The Girls Powder Puff team had a good time just 
doing "their thing." 

Above Left: The wall just did it — it came tumbling down. 
Jeff Redmon checks the damage. 

Above Right: This cat was just "the cat's pajamas" on 

10 1 Theme 

Middle Left: Principal Frank Tout welcomes Senator Lu- 
gar to Howe. 

Above: Children in Home Economics "Play School' 
just celebrate Halloween. 

Theme/ 1 1 


12/ Student Life 

Student Life/ 13 


Aristotle said, "One could imitate things 
as they ought to be," and that, "Art partly 
completes what nature cannot bring to a 

It is believed that art is a form of commu- 
nication; it expresses thoughts in a way 
words cannot. The teachers at Howe help 
students mature their ideas into beautiful 
works of art. 

At the start of the new year, Howe of- 
fered two new courses to this process — 
Ceramics, where students were able to cre- 
ate in the medium of clay, and Art Appre- 
ciation, where students could study the bril- 
liant artists of the past and present. 

Beyond the classroom, as usual, students 
this year had the opportunity to participate 
in all of the art contests sanctioned by the 

Jeff Lawrence 

Above: This art by Damon Zaphiriou won first place in 
last spring's art contest. 

Top; With pen and ink, Gary Piersall draws people 
playing basketball. 

Middle Left: The wrecked, abandoned boat drawing 
was entered in a contest by Wendie Storm. 


Opposite Page Middle Right: Tommy Martin enjoys Top Left: Mrs. Denny-Rohrbach finished her intern- Top Right: Shawn Quick draws for printmaking. a 
his art class. ship at Howe last year. Before that, she taught in process which involves film and the transfer of a de- 
Queens College in New York and in New Palestine. sign. 
Opposite Page Bottom: Keith Conrad and Dcmond She has been involved in many foreign and city art 

Harris get some help in clay from Mrs. Denny-Rohr- projects. She now serves Howe's Art Department with Above: With bare hands, Robert Turnlcy creates a pot 

bach. enthusiasm. from clay. 

Art/ 15 


Top Left: "What? I have to cut my nails?" questions 
Becky Sexton of her typing teacher. 

Top Right; Face to face with an evil computer, Hari 
Desai tries the "stare down method" of computer ex- 

Bottom: Al Lefeber demonstrates the proper finger 
positions for professional typewriter use. 

No Skills — No Frills 

Have you walked through the halls and heard the 
humming of machines or the clicking of computer 
keys? You probably had entered the Business Educa- 
tion Department, headed by Mrs. McNeish. 

There are a variety of classes offered, each of which 
teaches and perfects numerous business skills to pre- 
pare students for jobs in the business world. 

Keyboarding classes are essential in providing stu- 
dents the skills with which to become proficient on a 
computer. Business Math can be earned as math credit 
for graduation requirement. Other business courses 
offer students unlimited possibilities for employment. 

Howe also offers a great learning experience with 
on-the-job training in programs like Cooperative Of- 
fice Education (COE), headed by Mrs. Perry, and 
Marketing Education (ME), headed by Mrs. Bare- 

Students receive the chance to earn money, credits, 
and experience in an office or retail atmosphere. So 
learn and earn along the way. Remember ... no skills, 
no frills!!!! 

Mrs. Yvonne Perry 




16/ Business 

Middle Left: Typing students react differently to their 
respective assignments. 

Bottom Left: Accounting III is a breeze for senior 
Tracy Kord; she still works hard at it. 

Above: Keith Trinklc is mystified by the difficult busi- 
ness problem at hand. 

Business/ 1 7 


The following are comments made by 
several English teachers when asked about 
their classes and students. 

"This year the students at Howe High 
School seem to be much quieter, but their 
attention span is the same," said English 
teacher, Mrs Singh, when asked what she 
thought was different about students this 
year compared to students from previous 
years. Mrs. Singh also stated that students 
who need help are welcome to come to her 
for any extra help they might need. 

Miss Bancroft commented that getting 
to class on time is more important to stu- 
dents this year than any previous year. 
V» hen asked how students respond towards 
the ISTEP, Miss Bancroft replied, "Seniors 
don't take the ISTEP very seriously, but 
they do take their grades seriously." 

Mr. Ervin, Department Chairman, com- 
mented, "Seniors don't see the value of the 
ISTEP." When asked what he thought stu- 
dents think about school, Mr. Ervin replied 
that he thought maybe they think their so- 
cial life is more important. 

Mrs. Singh summed up what most Eng- 
lish teachers probably feel, that teachers 
and students should be more cheerful and 
pleasant "since we're only here for a short 

Christina Smith 
Tammy Terry 

Top Left: Kisha Pinner strains her eyes to figure out the 
assignment on the board. 

Top Right: Tanya Lee seems stunned after finishing her 
grammar while Ralph Lake rests with his book closed. 

Above: Shannon Tolin and other classmates work hard to 
make their grades. 

Opposite Page Top: Becky Sexton, standing, looks over 
Tammy Chaney's shoulder checking her persuasive essay. 




Left: Shawn Bradburn and Tasha McKinstry think 
and write for an essay assignment. In the back, Wray 
King, Tenaya Foster, and Tamika Johnson keep busy 

Above; Deborah Kinney sweats over a topic dealing 
with what she would do if she had only three days to 
hear or to walk. 

English/ 19 

Above: Anita Enz and Elizabeth Deeter listen to Mr. 
Vespo's instructions for homework. 

Below: Clara Winslow questions Kristin Woodard's 
comment in French. 

Above: Rob Hildebrandt and Kevin Spargur join Mr. Ve- 
spo in the "famous Vespo" laugh. 

Opposite Page Top Left: Mr. Stanley explains to the 
Spanish 5G class regulations for a trip to Mexico this 

Opposite Page Top Right: Mrs. George's student teacher 
Mr. Richard Reed tries to take attendance while Kim 
Mertz snaps a picture of the class. j 

Opposite Page Bottom: Rosie Deal. Robert McBumie. 
Lisa Urich. and Angie Moore enjoy themselves before the 
start of a French class. 

20 1 Foreign Language 


The Foreign Language Department con- 
sists of four different languages — French, 
German, Latin, and Spanish. There are a 
lot of great things related to taking a for- 
eign language. One of these is being in the 
French Club. The French Club meets usu- 
ally every Tuesday and is sponsored by 
Mrs. Jody George. French Club students 
get to choose a French restaurant and go 
out to dinner there. 

Knowing a foreign language can help you 
in life; for example, if someday you want to 
take a vacation somewhere besides Califor- 
nia or Florida, maybe somewhere out of the 
United States such as Germany or France, 
it would make it a lot easier for you to be 
able to speak the language. 

In mid-September students compete 
with other students in the state to get a 
chance to go out of the United States to a 
foreign country. The prize is a trip for seven 
weeks in the summer. Students competing 
are juniors and in their third year of a for- 
eign language class. 

Students should try a foreign language 
class; they are wonderful! 

Marianne Hickrod 

./ / 

Foreign Language/ 21 


Mr. Robert Berry once again "just did 
it" as acting Vice-Principal and Director 
of Guidance. While he was covering for 
Vice-Principal, Mr. Bruce Beck, who 
worked on special assignment at the edu- 
cation building, Mr. David Smartz took 
over as acting Guidance Director. 

And where was Mr. Don Austin? Mr. 
Austin became Director of Guidance at 
Arlington High. Not only was he missed 
by students and teachers but also his 
time here was greatly appreciated. Be- 
cause of an extended absence, another 
from this department who has been 
missed a great deal by students and 
teachers was Dean of Girls Mrs. Marga- 
ret Benson. 

We have the same counselors as we do 
every year, but that's all right because 
then we don't have to get used to new 
counselors each year. It's great to keep 
the same year after year because, when 
you have the same counselor, that person 
becomes your friend instead of just being 
your counselor. 

Marianne Hickrod 

Top: Mrs. Stella Vandivier, escorted by her hus- 
band, takes a break from counseling duties to 
chaperon the prom. 

Middle Left: Mrs. Bea Adams, secretarial assis- 
tant to the counselors, works hard to keep up with 
all her paper work in Room 45. 

.Middle Right: Dean of Girls Mrs. Margaret Ben- 
son arrived at Howe as the school's first Assistant 
Dean of Girls in 1 969. In 1 974 she assumed the full 
duties of Dean of Girls. Her absence this year has 
caused the department, teachers, and students to 
notice especially and appreciate her contribution 
to the school. 

22 /Counselors 


Opposite Page Bottom: Counselors do more than coun- 
sel; Mrs. Sandra Petty also coaches Girls Track Team. 

Left: Mrs. Mattie Ballow smiles disarmingly before 
she assigns a conference. 

Above: Mr. David Smartz, acting Guidance Director 
during reassignments, yawns as he tries to keep up 
with his new assignment. 

Bottom Left: Mrs. Stella Vandivier smiles in spite of 
the amount of work she has to do while covering for so 
many counselors who have been reassigned for a while 
or who are ill. 

Bottom Right; Mr. and Mrs. David Smartz chaperon 
the prom. Do you think they got a chance to dance? 

Counselors/ 23 



Top Left: Gourmet chef Amy Moore carefully pre- 
pares a wholesome but delicious snack. 

Top Right; Mrs. Shelly Keller and her Foods III class 
are caught "just hanging out." 

Above: Home Economics isn't just for grubbing; it's 
also for sewing. Some students sew while others merely 
thread needles. 

Right: Blending into the background, Miss Treva Car- 
roll studies "teacher things" while David Gut works on 
"student stuff." 

24/ Home Economics 

This year in Child Care, the students 
brought three and four year olds to school and 
had a day care. The three and four year olds 
loved it! One child indicated that he likes being 
with children his own age. But most of all, he 
said, "I love Miss Gaither." 

This class gave students time to experience 
parenthood without actually being parents. It 
is, moreover, something parents — students — 
and three year olds can enjoy. 

Christina Smith 

Top: Miss Treva Carroll's home economics class often 
cooks together and sometimes sews together, but here we 
catch them studying together. 

Left: Whistling while she works, Charla Collins takes 
pride in her work. 


Above: With a macho stance and a manly glare. 
Derrick Jones puts on an apron for a hard day's 
work in the kitchen. 

Home Economics 1 25 

Above: During Mr. Hester's egg drop project, Larry 
Carter climbs higher to get his full 100 points. 

Right: Pushing hard for those ^ 5, Joe Lepper (front) 
and Richard Woolery (back) work on getting their 
assignments in on time. 

Far Right: In Mr. Miller's mini class, Chris Irvin and 
Sonja Watson work on finishing their silkscreen de- 


The Industrial Technology Department got off to a 

great start this year at Howe! 

All the teachers' faces were familiar ones this year. Mr. 
Miller, department head, enjoyed his new position after 
coming to Howe from a long tenure at Forest Manor 
School. Mr. Hester continued his career at Howe for the 
eighth year, and Mr. Taflinger's fourth year at Howe 
qualified him to graduate again. 

Due to jxipular demand, a class in Mechanical Draw ing 
was added to the previous course offerings, and students 
took classes in Community Planning. Graphic Communi- 
cations. Electronic Communications. Constructing Struc- 
tures. Manufacturing. Transportation. Transportation 
Planning and Design, and Construction Planning and De- 

A very popular experience in the area were the mini 
classes in Silk-Screening taught by Mr. Hester and Mr. 
Miller which allow ed students to print designs of their own 
choosing on paper or t-shirts. 

Students enjoyed varied activities, ranging from build- 
ing model homes to mass production of products in the 
manufacturing lab. 

Mr. Steve Taflinger 

26 1 Industrial Technology 


Left: Looking as professional as ever, Benjamin Lee 
prepares his silkscreen. 

Bottom Left: Tosha McKinstry and Denise Vanduyn 
have just enough time to print their silkscreen design 
during Mr. Miller's mini period. 

Below: Just "messin' around," Ahmed Maiss tries to 
make the period go a little faster. 

Industrial Technology / 27 

Right: Mrs. Martha Diggle moves around the room to 
assist her algebra students. 

Bottom Left: Bennie Wagers takes his math assign- 
ment seriously. 

Bottom Right: Jasmine Potts awaits Mrs. Freeman's 
approval of her board work. 


Top: Cora Jones, Hari Desai, Richard Harrell, Melissa Benton, Kelly 
Jones, and Nakiisa Johnson, some of the members of the Academic 
Decathlon Team, sponsored by Mrs. Carolyn Freeman, take a break 
from preparing for competition. 

Above: Mr. Charles Walter appears to be en- 
joying his lunch break or after school time in 
the Math office. 

Right: Students compete working algebra 
problems on the board. 


Math teacher Ms. Alice Purvis made the 
following comments about the Math De- 

This year teachers are trying to push stu- 
dents to stay after school for help when they 
know they need it. There are activity buses 
that students can ride home if transporta- 
tion is a problem. "After school, the student 
may benefit by an explanation that seems 
different from or clearer than a teacher who 
is or is not his regular teacher." 

Teachers can't teach everything students 
need to learn in one hour; they try, however, 
to do some different things like taking stu- 
dents to the computer lab instead of doing 
worksheets because these drills help them 
to learn more in the same amount of time. 

Howe also has ISTEP classes to help stu- 
dents score higher on the state test. Teach- 
ers want students to improve on all of their 
test scores. The City Tests are a concern 
also for math teachers. 

Teachers have an interest in making stu- 
dents responsible and responsive. Teachers 
can teach students, but getting students to 
participate in the learning process is often a 

Every year the Math Department wants 
to improve and this year is no exception. 

Robyn Lucas 



Hi! If any of you have been in the Media 
Center in the last three years, you must 
have seen me. I'm always there! 

It has been my pleasure to serve the stu- 
dents of Howe High School. I work in the 
Media Center, and consequently, by now, I 
know the Dewey Decimal System forward 
and backward. If it is a book you need to 
find, I'll not be far behind. 

See you in the Media Center. 

Amy Hucks 

Top: Lisa Urich works on a repwrt for her U.S. history 
class alone while Leroy Ellis discusses his report with a 

Middle: Chris Whaley and Christa Huntsinger have 
the Readers' Guide close at hand should they need it. 

Far Left: Mrs. Leffler, Media Director, takes time out 
of her busy schedule to run the xerox machine for 

Left: Mr. Dressier catches up on the news in the Media 

Center. Knowing what is going on in Iraq is impwrtant 
these days. 

30 1 Media 


Top: Mr. Haas supervises as Amy Hucks files index 
cards for the card catalog. 

Left; Nick Turrell leads a pack of freshmen into the 
Media Center. Mrs. Shirley Lee follows close behind 
to make use of the library also. 

Below: Chris Whaley dozes while Jeff Lawrence and 
Paul Pritchard consult a text. 



32 1 Physical Education 


The Physical Education Department em- 
phasizes total fitness for life, with daily rou- 
tines being followed in each class which 
helps the student develop at his own rate. 
Performance of the President's Physical 
Fitness Tests will be an integral part of the 
spring semester testing format. 

The basic Physical Education classes are 
designed so that students experience var- 
ious activities and games which develop the 
individual physically and socially. Partici- 
pation by each student with the idea of hav- 
ing "fun by participation" is the main goal. 

The elective classes of Conditioning, 
Aerobics, and Team Sports are chosen by 
those students who want to enhance their 
athletic abilities and fitness level. These 
classes are physically challenging, and ath- 
letes consider them an integral part of their 

Mr. Thomas Renie 

Middle: Daron Myers knows the advisability of 
having someone spot him as he lifts. To assist with 
this safety procedure, Mark Atchley stands by. 

Bottom: Andy Lane and Kevin Spargur consider 
whether or not the weight is too much for either of 
them to lift before trying the task. 

Opposite Page Top: Sweating classmates, Chris Johnson 
jand Andy Lane, look on as Kirk Pinkston falls near the net 
jduring a basketball game. 

Opposite Page Bottom Left: Mark Atchley would not 
mind if someone helped him lift in Conditioning class. 

Opposite Page Bottom Right: Brian Marcum, because his 
legs are out of sight, seems to be doing nothing; he is, 
however, sliding the hack with ease. 

Top; Denessa Harmon, April Kelley, and Hallie Harper 
pay attention to Mr. Thompson in Health. 

Physical Education/ 53 



Classes in the Science Department have 
always been very interesting. This year the 
department has added an especially inter- 
esting course — Anatomy. Anatomy teach- 
es about the human body and the structure 
of it. Mr. Bill Buckley is the teacher of this 
new course this year. 

Science Club is available for students 
particularly interested in science. This year 
the club has two sponsors — Mr. James 
Yarber and Mr. Robert Edwards, the De- 
partment Chairman. 

Being a member of the Science Club or 
just taking science classes can be a reward- 
ing experience. Many wonders in science 
make "just doing it" in the Science Depart- 
ment worthwhile. 

Marianne Hickrod 

« Opposite Page Top: Physical Science would be easier for 
Derrick Wilson if he wouldn't try to read his text upside 

Opposite Page Bottom Left: The wonders of chemistry 
keeps Amy Sommers interested. 

Opposite Page Bottom Right: Laura Payton assists in the 
Science Department office this year. 

Top: Kristy Coyle considers going to the computer lab to 
I work on equations, a puzzling task. 

Middle: Mr. Dressier waits for his class to enter so he can 
start teaching. 

Bottom: Dcrita Taylor and Aidis Thomas manufacture 
salt in the lab session of chemistry class. 

Science/ 35 

.^.■: -'^ J 

Spears Speaks 

Mr. Spears revealed that he really enjoys history 
and the way it helps him to look at the world and make 
decisions, argue his point of view, and make educated 
judgments as a voter and U.S. citizen. Being a Social 
Studies teacher at Howe has made him learn history as 
never before in order to keep up with his students. He 
also noted that there have been a lot of changes in the 
department since he started in 1968. There were more 
courses, more students, and more teachers in previous 
times, and the building was even smaller. 

According to Mr. Spears, the Social Studies De- 
partment does a nice job of providing the opportunity 
for students to become better citizens. The depart- 
ment, moreover, offers advanced courses for college 
credit. The Social Studies curriculum also offers stu- 
dents the opportunity to enter a national Bicentennial 
contest in Government, and a "Close Up" program 
allows students to spend a week studying in Washing- 
ton D.C. The highlight of many Social Studies stu- 
dents is the yearly trip. The last three years the Inter- 
national Club has traveled to London, Berlin, and Par- 
is. This year's trip is to Munich, Germany, and 
Austria. All the challenges are there for a student to 
have a good time and get a good background in Social 
Studies at Howe. 

Jason Cox 


56 1 Social Studies 






Opposite Page Top Left: Mr. Errol Spears gets 
into an intense discussion of Separation of Pow- 
ers, Checks and Balances, and Judicial Review 
in the U.S. 

Opposite Page Top Right: Making lesson plans 
and grading papers gives Mr. Finkbiner a 
headache. Being chosen as an outstanding 
teacher last year does not exclude him from the 
hard work of teaching. 

Opposite Page Bottom: Jerry Hurst is carefully 
taking notes on the procedures for the Mock 
Election while Robby Haverly listens carefully. 

Top: Heather Eha takes a mental break for a 
moment from the rigorous discussions taking 
place in Mr. Spears' classroom. 

Middle: Lisa Urich latches onto Mr. McGin- 
ley's every word as she writes notes in class; 
some, on the other hand, just take mental notes. 

Bottom: Branden Raymer (second from left) 
tries to find the page for the assignment; others 
have found it and are busy just doing it. 


^-^ _V \ 


Social Studies 1 57 

Top Right: Aaron Payne, a special education student, 
does not take math in that department; he works with 
Mrs. Freeman in a regular Math Department class. 

Top Left: Bobby gets to rest from rushing to the eleva- 
tor to get to his classes. 

State and federal laws greatly affect the Special 
Education Department. Particular laws control the 
testing and evaluating in this department. The input of 
parents, counselors, and teachers are important in this 
process. Retesting and re-evaluating are also a part of 
this department. Close scrutiny is important to the 
students who are involved in it so that they get the 
proper education and help. 

After testing, many students take only a few classes 
in the department and their other classes outside the 
department in "regular" and even "gifted" classes; 
some even take no classes in the department. This 
factor depends totally on the outcome of their tests and 
evaluations. Many types of situations can make it 
helpful to be a part of this special program. 

Everyone, it seems — those in the department and 
those out — has benefited by the experience of relating 
with each other. 

38 1 Special Education 


Opposite Page Middle: Some Special Education 
students get a front row seat for the homecoming 
pep session. 

Opposite Page Bottom: Donnie Burkhardt explains 
his report to Mrs. Garrett. 

Top: Chris Browning enjoys his typing class; he 
looks away from his paper for nothing. 

Middle: Robert, Demond, and Jackie are helpful to 
others as they hold the elevator for them. 

Bottom: Mrs. Garrett gives Shelia Resnover assis- 
tance on her assignment. 

Special Education/ 39 


40 /Homecoming 

Going into the Homecoming game this 
year, Howe was 4-1, and then managed to 
upset the Arlington Knights by a score of 
40-6 at the game. 

During the week of the Homecoming, 
Spirit Week, students dressed as twins, 
wore college sweats, donned sunglasses, 
and carried stuffed animals. On Friday, the 
day of the pep rally, everyone was to wear 
Brown and Gold to show his spirit. 

At the game, Amanada Slaughter was 
crowned queen. Waving banners replaced 
floats in this year's festivities. A dance was 
enjoyed by many after the game. This 
year's Homecoming was a good time for all. 
Winning the game over Arlington helped a 

Marianne Hickrod 

Left: Mr. Frank Tout, principal, congratulates Home- 
coming Queen Amanda Slaughter. 

Below: A crowd of students gets "funky" at the Home- 
coming Dance. 

Opposite Page Bottom Right: Queen's Court (Left to Right): 
Heather Tolin, Angle Fitzgerald, Bobbie Smith. Homecoming 
Queen Amanda Slaughter, NaTrina Hill, Heather Pinner, Serita 
Digbie, and Heather Somnicrs. 

Left: Even though it was raining at the game, the varsity cheer- 
leaders kept their spirit. 

Homecoming/ 41 

Marketing Education (Left to Right): First Row: Deni&e 
Price, Beverly Pettigrew, April Farmer, Robin Killebrew, 
Shonice Board, Deidra Collins, Gayla Young, Crystal 
Ratliff. Second Row: Melisa Humphries, Angela Tackett, 
Tracey Evans, Michelle Maxey, Kevin Anderson, Tracy 
Brown, Katherine Cobb. Third Row: Everette Hudson, 
Shirley Perry, Richard Cline, Marina Taylor, Andrea 
Sanders, Vatisha Evans. Fourth Row: Darin Batemao, 
Mrs. Debbie Bareford. 

COE (Left to Right): Front Row: Kristi Coyle, Mi- 
chelle McCullough, Christy Cantrell, Stephanie 
Wright, LaQuita Alsum. Second Row: Rhonda Cox, 
Corinna Fields, Shalonda Black, Renee Smith, Wendy 
Moody, Carrie Cosby. Third Row: Robin Atnip, Eliz- 
abeth Scott, Shawna Pinner, April Dalton, Keiona 
Arnold, Angle Willis, Mrs. Yvonne Perry. 

Media Club (Left to Right): Front: Kevin Galyan. Second 
Row: Sok Teng, Lolena Lacy, Ralph Lake, Brian Burgess, 
Karec Jones, Mr. Irvin Haas, Tosha Davenport. Third 
Row: Damon Falconer, Judy Brown, Kirk Pinkston, 
Tammy Comstock, Scott Weinke. 

PVE (Left to Right): First Row: PVE Coordinator 
Mr. Norfleet, Michelle Knighton, Marlinda Nunley, 
Jackie Graves, John McCloud, Michael Wynn. Sec- 
ond Row: Bradley Parks, Leonard McCurdy, Daniel 
McClure, Larry Stover, Chris Tilford, Tuan Wilson, 
Lamonte Graham, Patrick Caster, (not in photo — 
Richard Cecil, Daniel Foster, Michael Rushton, Ly- 
man Oliver) 

42 /Groups 

National Honor Society (Left to Right): Front Row: 
Anita Enz, Michael Johnson, Richard Harrell, Robert 
McBurnie, Elizabeth Deeter. Second Row: Clara Wins- 
low, Aimee Partlow, Nicole Brown, Robin Killebrew. 
Back Row: Deborah Hanna, Mrs. Keaton, Andrea Sand- 

Right: Spanish Club (Left to Right): Back Row: 
Dashonna Mathis, Mr. Vespo, Joel LeMasters. 
Front Row: Deborah Hanna, April Nalley, April 

Far Right: Chess Club (Left to Right): Mr. John 
Skene, Michael Johnson, David VanSell, Aaron 

German Club (Left to Right): William Rutherford, 
Shirley Bryant, Scott Greene, Shawn Moore, Mr. 

Future Educators (Left to Right): Eugene Wallace, 
Kelsha Tandy, Jennifer Sharp, Tisha Turnipseed, Mr. 
David Miller. 



Success Without Drugs (Left to Right): Back 
Row: Heather Pinner, Matt McBurnie, Michael 
Johnson, Jamoni Harper. Second Row: Trisha To- 
lin, Anita Enz, Rosemary Deal, Mike Tucher, 
Idris McGraw. Front Row: Betsy Deeter, Lisa 
Urich, Tracy Tolin, Amanda Slaughter. 

Brain Game (Left to Right): Front Row: Hari Desai, 
Mike Johnson, Mr. Spears. Second Row: Jerry Knowles, 
Dave VanSell, Avery Dellinger, Anna Roof, Dawn Tully. 
Back Row: Deborah Hanna, Chris Rudd, Joel Lemasters. 

Howe Pals (Left to Right): Front Row: Lindell Reid, 
Becky Starr, Chereece Fields, Brandy Wright. Second 
Row: Deborah Hanna, Rose Childs, Melissa Deem, Jill 
Steffey, Lachnwda Payton, Yvonne Williams. 

44 /Groups 

Stage Crew (Left to Right): Front Row; Tonya Smith, 
Christa Huntsinger, Heather Murdick, Avery Dellinger, 
Julie Merriman. Second Row: Robert McFarland, Mar- 
cus Patterson, Jeannine Huntsinger, Damon Zaphiriou, 
Brian Crockett. Back Row: Albert Adams, James Lynch, 
Brian Stanley, not pictured Chris Whaley. 

Math Club (Left to Right): Front Row: Alisa Nicoson, 
Tanika Price, Rose Childs, Denessa Harmon. Second 
Row: Carolyn Freeman, Jason Bundy, Lachnwda Pay- 
ton, Carla Goodnight, Gina Morgan. Back Row: Don 
Harrison, Olan Smith, Shermika Snow, Nikko Brown, 
Brian Clouse. 

French Club (Left to Right): Front Row: Laura 
McBurnie, Matt McBurnie, Rosemary Deal, Mandy 
Steffey. Back Row: Brandy Wright, Tanika Price, 
Melissa Deem, Jeannie Stamps, Brian Canaday. 

Pen Points (Left to Right): Betsy Deeter, Jerry 
Knowles, Brandy Wright. 

45 /Groups 


Many students participate as a member 
of one of the many groups in the Music 
Department. Concert Choir, Orchestra, 
Marching Band, Choralaires, String En- 
semble, Varsity Singers, Gospel Choir, and 
Brass Ensemble make up some of the 
groups of the Music Department. Mr. 
Thomas Lewis heads this department as- 
sisted by Mr. Robert Bramlett, Mr. Keith 
White, and Mrs. Leslie Bartolowitz. 

Many major performances are given for 
the public each year. Some of the tradition- 
al ones are the Spring Musical, the Pops 
Concert, the Summer Musical, and the 
Madrigals Dinner. 

Participation in musical groups adds 
much to the education of the students in- 
volved. A certain kind of confidence is 
gained from performing in front of live au- 
diences that cannot be obtained through 
any other means. Much enjoyment is added 
to the school days by those who perform. 

Top: Trixie Whobry and Christina Coomer are dazed 
as they listen in music class. 

Below: While waiting for the Summer Musical to be- 
gin, James Alexander coaxes Clara Winslow to play 
"pajama football." 

Right: Preparing to warm up for the Madrigal Dinner 
is the entire performing group. 

46/ Music 

Left: The Marching Band members are seated in 
their traditional place in the stands at home foot- 
ball games. They add much to the spirit of the 

Below: Matt McBurnie, the Minstrel, sings to his 
audience of a child coming. 

Bottom Left: Rose Child's fingers accurately move 
across the fingerboard to lead the cellos forward. 

Bottom Right: Brass Ensemble (Left to Right): 
Front Row: Aaron Stepp, Jeanette Morgan, Ja- 
monie Harper. Back Row: James Deal, Robert Ta- 
tum, Rhett Lawmaster, Walter Niehoff. 



Music 1 47 

Above: Madrigals sing and act for Christmas en- 

Top Right: Rhett Lawmaster and Bill Burmeister 
practice brass while Angela Ball and Michelle 
Akins practice winds. 

Right: Varsity Singers (Left to Right): Varsity 
Singers sing and dance. Front Row; Dave VanSell, 
behind — Jerry Knowles, Jason Bundy, Robert 
McBumie, Rosemary Deal. Second Row: Amy 
Lee, Christina Coomer, Becky Starr, Jacintha 
Malone, Rhett Lawmaster. Back Row: Julie 
Thompson, Trixie Whobrey, Andy Woodard, 
Joyce Malone, Michael Deal, Robert Ballew. 


Above: Concert Choir (Left to Right): Front Row: 
Rosemary Deal, Lisa Urich, Trixie Whobrey, Carrie 
Deeter, Amy Lee, Kristin Woodard, Anita Enz, Amy 
Cook, Jeanette Morgan, Denessa Harmon, Jeannie 
Stamps, Laura McBurnie. Second Row: Natalie 
Mertz, Melissa Deem, Becky Starr, Jennifer Steffey, 
Jill Steffey, Joyce Malone, Jacintha Malone, Dana 
Huddleston, Clara Winslow, Heather Hobbs, Melissa 
Jackson, Allison Whittemore, Amanda Slaughter. 
Third Row: Shawn Lee, Andy Woodard, Jerry 
Knowles, Rhett Lawmaster, Antonio Armour, Jason 
Cox, Sheridan Melton, Christopher Whaley, Robert 
McBurnie, Keith Trinkle, James Alexander, George 
Maynard, Michael Deal, Robert Ballew, David Van- 

Left: Orchestra (Left to Right): Front Row: Kimberly 
Mertz, Kristen Beckley, Sherie Proctor, Alicia Patter- 
son, Beverly Pettigrew, Christine Dearth, Victoria 
Williams, Denessa Harmon, Heather Hobbs. Second 
Row: Lachnwda Payton, Mary Capps, James Brown, 
Melissa Cowger, Shirley Lake, Cathy Flynn, Angle 
Shanklin, Tina Landers, David VanSell. Third Row: 
Rose Childs, Ryan Pritchard, Chris Ratz. 



50 1 Music 

Opposite Page Top Right: Amy Lee and Jason Cox 
take part in the Madrigals' annual dinner program 
in December. 

Opposite Page Top Left: String Ensemble (Left to 
Right): Front Row: Kristen Beckley, Alicia Patter- 
son, Victoria Williams. Back Row: Jason Cox, 
Tina Landers, Angela Shanklin, Sherie Proctor. 

Opposite Page Bottom Left: Choralaires (Left to 
Right): Front Row: Amber Weaver, Alexis Wein- 
kauf, Erin Baxter, Jeannie Stamps, Carla Good- 
night, Jennifer Pressler. Second Row: Jennifer 
Steffey, Manda Steffey, Tara Myers, Manda Ad- 
kins, Maya Watt, Serita Digbie, Connie Armour. 
Third Row: Dawn Tully, Chereece Fields, Christi- 
na Brown. Back Row: Melisa Humphries, La- 
Shauna Angel, Julie Thompson, Missy Salyers, 
Jill Steffey, Mr. Bramblett. 

Left: Gospel Singers (Left to Right): Back Row: 
Antoinette Jefferson, Tangie Jones, Nicole John- 
son, Jimmy Dunn, James Howard, Jason Padgett. 
Front Row: Champale Brown, LaShonda Downs, 
Kimara Griffin, Michelle Ball, Heather Davis, 
Mr. White. Seated: Robert Tatum. 

Below: The regal Dave VanSell and Garnet McNeely are seated on their 
thrones as the Madrigals entertain. 

Left: Howe's Marching Band (Left to Right): Front Row: Sherie Proc- 
tor, Stacie Allen, Lisa Ware, Kim Bryant, Bobbie Smith. Michelle La- 
Follette, Tasha Reedus, Angle Petrie, Rhonda Wills, Tracy Uhls, Shan- 
non Walters, Aaron Stepp. Second Row: Connie Foley, Darby Finney, 
Dawn Frye, Rosemary Bailey, Angle Adler, Contessa Badford. Angela 
Ball, Michelle Akins. Third Row: Cynthia Hoskins. Amy Berg, Yvonne 
Williams, Yolonda Cole, William Rutherford, Keith Owens. Brian Page, 
Brandi Plew, Missy Bow. Fourth Row: John Keefc, James Deal, John 
Tilford, Jamoni Harper, Harold Walt, William Anderson. Jcanctle 
Morgan, Marcello Wright, Rhett Lawmaster. William Burmeistcr, 
Chris Ratz, Damon Bryant, Kevin Conrad, Lashawn Kirk. Deon Brown. 
Marc Wilson, Chris Gill, Felicia Willis, Mr. Keith White, Chad Mar- 
shall, Lamont Harvey. 



As a crab, a shark, a dolphin, a whale, an 
eel, an octopus, and other underwater crea- 
tures, music students certainly found it diffi- 
cult to "act well [their] parts" in the Summer 
Musical Captain Ripple and the Ocean Bed. 

As the story goes, an angel. Matt McBurnie, 
takes Captain Ripple, James Alexander, to the 
cove underwater where he tries to help free 
many underwater creatures who are held hos- 
tage there through fear of the crab, Jason Cox. 
The dolphin, Clara Winslow and Rosie Deal 
(double cast), manages to free the group. 

Unique costumes, settings, and character- 
izations made for a delightful performance. 
Other members cast by Director Tom Lewis 
— some even double cast — were the whale, 
Rhett Lawmaster and Dave VanSell; the 
shark, Jerry Knowles; the eel, Carrie Deeter 
and Amy Lee; the octopus, Heather Hobbs; 
the turtle, Casady Kramer; the herring, Rob- 
ert Ballew and Mike Deal; the perch, Keith 
Trinkle; and the crab, Allison Whittemore and 
Laura McBurnie. 

Top Left: "Look but don't touch," Maurine the eel. Amy 
Lee, says. The shark, Jerry Knowles, thinks otherwise . . . 

Top Right: Ono the clam of few words, Laura McBurnie, 
points to something important. 

Top Middle: The angel, Matt McBurnie, scares Captain 
Ripple, James Alexander, with stories about sea monsters. 

Bottom Middle: The cast sings about how they hate to 

Bottom: The cast laughs as Pete the perch, Keith Trinkle, 
imitates a crab. 

Opposite Page Top Left: Captain Ripple and Sarah, 
Rosie Deal, sing about the New Living Water. 

Opposite Page Top Right: Pinch the crab, Jason Cox, 
jumjK out of the sewer pipe to inspire more terror. 

52 / Summer Musical 

Summer Musical/ 53 

Spring Musical 

Below: Clara Winslow and Rosemary Deal "take five" from the musical re- 
hearsal to have a quick laugh. 

Right: The lead characters of the musical, Robert "Matt" McBurnie and Rose- 
mary Deal, rehearse their lines together. 

54/ Spring Musical 


Opposite Page Bottom: Students gather 
around Mr. Tom Lewis to practice for the 

Left: Mr. Lewis directs Rosemary Deal and 
Clara Winslow in their acting parts. 

Below: James Alexander rehearses his sales 
pitch to his customer, Anita Enz. 

Bottom Left: Jerry Knowles, the cleric, 
seems to annoy his customer, Lisa Urich. 

She Loves Me was the 1 99 1 Spring Musical 
performed by the Howe Music Department 
March 22 and 23. The show, directed by 
Mr. Tom Lewis, tells the story of a young 
Hungarian couple in love, played by Rose- 
mary Deal and Matt McBurnie. Others 
featured in the musical included James 
Alexander, Clara Winslow, Andrew Woo- 
dard, Jerry Knowles, Jason Cox and many 
other Concert Choir members who played 
various supporting roles. The Howe Or- 
chestra also took part in the performance 
under the direction of Mr. Keith White, 
Mrs. Leslie Bartolowits. and Mr. Tom 

Clara Winslow 

Above: Matt McBurnie, as the clerk, walks his cus- 
tomer, Kristin Woodard, to the door. The door is 
imaginary in rehearsal but will be apparent when the 
scenery is all on stage for the performance. 

Spring Musical/ 55 


Right: The serious and important job of preparing 
for the defense of our country in JROTC is some- 
times interrupted in a school with other activities. 
Mark Lampkins celebrates Halloween. 

Below: JROTC classes learn the military rules, 
regulations, and strategy. 

Bottom Center: The JROTC color guard stands 
tall while presenting the colors at the Homecoming 


Far Left: Punishment in the ROTC program is a little 
more physically tiring than in most other classes in 

Left: Nolan Porter instructs the JROTC students 
while Sergeant Malone supervises. 

Below: Jennifer Benton does her duty to learn disci- 



Top: Girls Drill Team (Left to Right): Front Row: 
Yolanda Cole, Danielle Vertner, Kesha Cooper. Sec- 
ond Row: Tiffany Holland, Telisa Hill, Latonya Flow- 
ers, Lashawn Kirk, Jennifer Benton. Third Row: Star 
Smith, Juanita Bray, Atallie Dinkins, Teela Neal, La- 
shonda Downs. Fourth Row: Lisa Ware, Courtney 
Robinson, Nicole Wright, Monica Graham, Renee 
Cates. Fifth Row: Lachnwda Payton, April Dalton, 
April Cruce, Lukeysha Golden, Sajuan Harvey, Kelly 

Far Right: Nolan Porter becomes the teacher. 

Right: When not busy with JROTC functions, James 
Wright participates in Howe's Tennis competition. 


Opposite Page Bottom: JROTC classes are recogniz- 
able as a result of uniforms and flag displays. 

Top: Staff (Left to Right): James Wright, Jamoni 
Harper, Brandy Wright, Al Adams, Aaron Stepp. 

Right: Boys Drill Team: Jamoni Harper, Brian Mor- 
ris, Aaron Stepp. 



The Tower staff had several new faces 
this year, especially second semester. 

In spite of the problems, and there 
were many, with the risograph and a few 
with the computer and picture scanner, 
the "new" Tower staff managed to put 
out a good paper. Using two separate 
staffs has worked well for getting the 
paper out every two weeks. 

Amy Cook 

Top: Staff (Left to Right): Front Row: Eric Abner, 
Amy Cook, Kathy Smith, Aaron Payne. Back 
Row: Bill Burmeister, Jeff Redmon, Mrs. Vicki 
Martich, Staci Davis, Mary Nicewanger. 

Above: Jeff Redmon discusses his opinion story 
with Mrs, Martich. 

60 1 Tower 

Opposite Page Bottom: Editor Amy Cook looks 
completely thrilled to find out that once again the 
risograph is broken. 

Bottom Center: Jeff Redmon cools off in front of 
the fan as he edits his sports page. 

Top: Kenyada Griffin and DeRita Taylor work 
hard to meet their deadlines. 

Above: Kathy Smith edits stories for the next issue 
of Tower. 

Left; Staci Davis works on her story. 

Tower 1 61 

62/ Sports 

Sports/ 63 


64 /Spring Sports 

Left: Nicole Brown runs fast to finish her race. 

Spring Sports/ 65 


Top: Girls Track Team (Left to Right); Front Row; Bottom Left: Scott Gregory, on the heels of his oppo- 
g ¥ Wy W ^J Fitima Frierson, Nicole Brown, Captain Shaneca Lee. nent, pushes himself to cross the line to \dctory. 

Back Row: Mrs. Sandra Petty, Shannon Harvey, 

Gayla Young, Kimara Griffin. (Christy Burke not Bottom Right: Shotput participant, Lindell Reid, bites 

shown.) his lip in agony. 


66/ Track 

Top Left: Nicole Brown gracefully ends up on the right 

Left: An exhausted Gayla Young takes the lead over her 
opponents and makes our school look great. 

Above: The Relay Team (Left to Right): Coach Sam, 
Ernest Valentine, Kowalski Martin, Anthony Wise, 
John McCloud, Assistant Coach Jessup. 

Below: Teamwork saves the day as the Howe women's 
relay team runs in a class all its own. 


The track team this year was very small. 
Part of this was because we had two new 
coaches, and part of this was because some 
students were just not interested in track. 

Even though our team was small, we still 
placed in the city finals and sectionals. Our 
team next year should be bigger and better. 

Shaneca Lee 


In an interview with Scott Gregory, the 
Hilltopper staff learned that this year's re- 
lay team earned the school's best time and 
won third in the state's contest. Scott re- 
vealed, compared to last year's team, this 
year's team did better in long distance, ob- 
tained faster times, and produced better re- 
cords in shotput. 

Memorable experiences for the team 
were having to push-start the bus and deal 
with a lot of rain. Scott Gregory said the 
team did really well this year and hopes 
students will join the team next year. 



H Left: Gary Piersall slugs the ball for another one of his 

Middle Left: Tim Messenger hurls the ball for yet Below: Checking out the catcher's call, Branden 
another strike. Raymer gets ready for the pitch. 

If the Hornets' baseball season in 1990 were 
summed up with just one word, that word would be 
"transitional." After all, with two different 
coaches on varsity and junior varsity levels, what 
else could it be called but a "transitional year." 
Thomas Renie stepped up from coaching on the 
junior varsity level to varsity. With that switch a 
vacancy was left for the junior varsity coaching 
job, and that job was filled by Coach Michael 

The Hornets show promise for the future with all 
veteran players returning with the exception of 
four seniors to the varsity level. The junior varsity 
team also looks strong with eight returning sopho- 
mores to add stability to its roster. 

Another plus that will keep the Hornets a-buzz- 
ing for the future is the better care being taken of 
the field by the coaches, players, and students of 
Howe. Since the field looks presentable, other 
schools see the pride the Hornets have in their 

So here's to the Howe baseball program that 
shows nothing but talent and promise for the fu- 

Jeff Redmon 




Opposite Page Bottom: Junior Varsity (Left to 
Right): Front Row: Jeff Redmon. Branden 
Raymer, Eric Abner, William Rutherford. Robert 
Ballew, Gary Helton. Middle Row: Randy Patrick, 
Barry Thompson, Jamoni Harper, Randy Wilson, 
Eric Mahin. Back Row: Coach Mike Johnson, Ke- 
vin Hornback, John Keefe. Norman Ege. Bill Wal- 
lace, Aaron Sparks, David Moody. 

Above: Varsity Team (Left to Right): Front Row: 
Marcus Moore, John-Paul Weidner, Eddie Hicks, 
David Carlyle, Kevin Spargur, Tim Messenger, 
Jones Lundgren. Back Row: Robert McBurnie, 
John Moenius, James Alexander, Bobby Means, 
Gary Piersall, Randy Anderson, Mike Tucher, 
Mark Atchley, Coach Thomas Renic. 

Left: In a cloud of dust, the Hornets tag the runner 

for the out! 



Girls Tennis 

Top: Varsity Tennis Team (Left to Right): Front Row: 
Amanda Slaughter, Lisa Urich, Angie Fitzgerald, 
Kim Mertz, Brandy Wright, Tracy Tolin. Second 
Row: Jayna Green, Julie Merriman, Christa Hunt- 
singer, Ana Roof, Trisha Tolin, Amanda Kiefner, 
Bonnie Bullens. Back Row: Mr. Spears, Rose Childs, 
Tracie Maciotok, Jennifer Davis, Mike Wilson. 

Bottom Left: Lisa Urich, Tracy Tolin, and Bonnie 
Bullens try to stay warm while waiting to be called 
onto the court. Coach Spears seems to have things 
other than the cold weather on his mind as he looks on. 

Bottom Right: Trisha Tolin swings at the ball, but 
little does she know the ball is King on the ground 
behind her. 

70 /Girls Tennis 

Girls Tennis: 

Trisha Tolin and Tracy Tolin brought Girls Tennis 
a second place win in the City Tournament and a first 
place win in the IPS Tournament to round out their 
season. This helped the team spirit after some rain, 
wind, and unsatisfactory records during the season 
nearly destroyed it. The team has been especially en- 
couraged because their coach stuck by them through 
all the disappointments and difficulties. Because of a 
lot of new reserve members who have a desire to play 
better, the team expects to win more games next year. 

Boys Golf: 

This year wasn't too successful for Boys Golf. We 
had only one varsity player returning from the pre- 
vious year. We had not practiced over the summer; 
summer practice is essential to create good scores. 
Lack of concentration and determination is really 
what made the team unsuccessful. Next year we plan 
to have Mike Johnson shoot under 43 and the four 
other lettermen to shoot under 45. Next year's goals 
are to win IPSAC and place high in the sectional. 

Top: Boys Golf (Left to Right): Front Row: Jimmy Bottom Left: The crowd is in a hush as Brant Logan 

Deal, Brian Stanley, Mike Johnson, Damon Zaphiriou. 
Back Row: Brant Logan, Avery Dellinger, Coach 
Smith, Ryan Dammeyer. 

concentrates on where his golf ball will land. 

Bottom Right: "F-O-R-E!" yells Damon Zaphiriou as 
he gets ready to send the golf ball into outerspace. 


Boys Golf I? I 

Top Left: Jennifer "Keebler" Tolin, 
in full swing, smashes the ball. 

Top Right: Reserve Team (Left to 
Right): Front Row: Jennifer Delk, 
Amy Quiet, Erin Baxter, Amanda 
Trotter. Second Row: Hope Phillips, 
Christy Biddle, Heather Sommers, 
Amy Sommers. Back Row: Missy 
Salyers, Missy Bow, Melinda Guf- 
fey. Coach Wiggins. 

Opposite Page Top: Pitcher Jenny 
Ackelmire warms up on a cold day. 

Middle Left: Coach Page takes 
"time out" to build the confidence 
of Amy Moore. 

Middle Right: Jenny Ackelmire and 
Marcy Stuck race for the ball to get 
the out. 

Right: Varsity Team (Left to 
Right): Front Row: Melissa Deem, 
Staci Davis, Kim Berwanger, Amy 
Moore, Jennifer Tolin, Rhonda 
Bowman. Back Row: Jenny Ackel- 
mire, Rewa McGinnis, Lisa De- 
laney, Marcy Stuck, Christy Biddle, 
Amy Sommers, Rita Cruz. 


This year's softball team started off look- 
ing weak. A lot of girls tried out, but many 
quit within the first two weeks. With the 
encouragement of Coach Page and the help 
of Reserve Coach Wiggins, we turned into a 
pretty decent team. 

At first we didn't win as many games as 
we were capable of, but soon after with 
hard work and the addition of new uni- 
forms, we came back strong. It seems that 
as experience grows so does the strength of 
the team. 

Amy Moore 

Left: "Who is that masked player? Is it reserve catcher .lenny Deik? 
■" Sure enough!" 

p* Above: Reserve pitcher. Amy Sommers, shows great concentration 
as she lets the ball fly. 


Softball 1 73 


Top: Sally Breidenbach drives for the next hole. 
Middle: Erin Bauer sets the ball for the spike. 
Bottom Left: "Ball? What ball? I can't find it." 
Bottom Right: Paul Pritchard makes a great stop. 









"•' ' 'i 

^^K^ft * fli^^^B 

^^B^^p^'. t#^ 

^^' \ ^ll^^^^^^l 



^^^H^^I^A: ^Hl^^^^^^l 


74/ Fall Sports 

Top: The Freshman Football Team gets an on-ihe- 
fieid pep talk from Coach Bentner. 

Middle Left: Matt McBurnie viciously attacks a serve 

Middle Right: Amanda Kiefncr demonstrates the 
"Karate Kid" technique of the butterlTN . 

Bottom: Mr. Sam encourages Dave Porter to hurry 
and finish his race. 

Fall Sports 1 75 

Right: Varsity Football Team (Left to Right): First Row: Mark 
Atchley, Aidis Thomas, Brad Hunter, DaRon Myers, Kevin Spar- 
gur, Sheridan Melton, Scott Gregory, Tony Booker. Second Row: 
John Hamilton, Garry Smith, David Moody, Malik Ahmad, Tony 
Spears, Brian Smith, Marco Snider, Greg Zinerman. Third Row: 
Mark Roland, Derick Pinner, Derrick Jones, Brian Stanley, Jason 
Mansfield, Darryl Harvey, Norvell Young, Lindell Reid. Fourth 
Row: Equipment Manager Joe Vollmer, Erick Smith, Cory Randel, 
Jason Russo, Bill Wallace, Norman Ege, Brian Marcum, William 
Rutherford, Daryl Smith, Trainer Jim Kennan. Fifth Row: Head 
Coach Richard Harpold, Eric Mahin, Scott Green, Tom Carter, 
Kyle Johnson, Tony Johnson, Jermain Smith, Randy Patrick, Robert 
Ballew. Back Row: Coach Bill Smith, Ross Davis, Larry McDonald, 
Jimmy Jingles, Oliver Barton, Tim Anderson, Coach Chuck Page, 
Coach Ron Finkbiner. 

Right: Randy listens closely as Coach Har- 
pold gives a lecture before the game. 

Below: Tony Spears and Mark Atchley run 
to save the game. 

Bottom Left: This is the view of the stadium 
as seen by football players during practices. 

Bottom Right: Garry Smith, fullback, gets 
the handoff for the touchdown. 





?n«L76t 41f S^f ^ 

Once again the Hornet football program 
suffered the "Sectional Jinx" in 1990. Just 
as in 1989, the Hornets finished with a 
strong record but lost the first game of the 
Sectionals against Warren. The Hornets 
finished the season as City and IPSAC 
champions. With a limited number of sen- 
iors leaving, many team members will be 
returning. So, as the Hornet battle cry 
states, "The H, the O, the R, the A^, the E. 
the T, the S, oh yes, the Hornets" will rule 
in 1991. 


1990 Award Winners 
Most Valuable Player — DaRon Myers 
Best Defensive Linesman — Kevin Spargur 
Best Offensive Linesman — Kevin Spargur 
Best Defensive Player — David Moody 
Best Mental Attitude — Brad Hunter 

1 990 All City Football Team: Garry Smith, 
Kevin Spargur, and Greg Zinerman. 
Honorable Mention: Tony Booker, Brad 
Hunter, David Moody, and Tony Spears. 

Jeff Redmon 

Bottom Left: DaRon Myers sees the real play as everyone 
else is "faked out." 

Bottom Right: Coach Harpold seems ready to yell for 
someone to get on the field and "Play ball." 

Football/ 77 

JV and 



The Junior Varsity squad defeated the 
Scecina Crusaders in their season opener 8- 
0. The Chatard Trojans have given the 
Hornets their lone loss at home 7-0. Begin- 
ning with a 2 1 -0 romp of the Manual Reds- 
kins September 10, they started a string of 
20 plus-point victories. They then ran over 
the Warren Central Warriors 20-6. They 
went on to beat Arlington and Broad Rip- 
ple. Northwest forfeited. The Junior Varsi- 
ty ended their season with a 7-1 record. 

The Freshman Football Team beat Rit- 
ter, Northwest, Tech, and another team 
and lost to Chatard, Manual, North Cen- 
tral, and Broad Ripple. This season gave 
the Freshman a 4-4 record. 

Jeff Redmon 

Right: Brian Marcum barely escapes his tackle. 

Below: Coach Page discusses up-coming plays with J V 

Bottom Right: Freshman Team (Left to Right): First Row: Om Desai, Dujuan Thomp- 
son, Jerome Eldridge, Jason Wilson, Terry Richard. Second Row: Josh Wakelam, 
Chris Hamilton, David Moenius, Zack White, James Irby, Maurice Snider, Marcus 
Adams. Third Row: Derrick Richardson, Robert Haverly, Tim Collins, Troy Wilson, 
Jimmy Hampton, Chris Burns. Fourth Row: Coach Paul Miller and Coach Steve 

Opposite Page Top: Freshman Volleyball Team (Left to Right): First Row: Jamie Con- 
ners, Karen Parker, Donna Noll. Second Row: Julie Patrick, Amy Bennett. Missy Bow. 
Crystal Whitehead, Mari Capps, Coach Wiggins. 



This year's Volleyball Team had a lot of 
new faces and a lot of old and familiar faces 
such as Coach John Wiggins. There was a 
change in this year's volleyball teams; in- 
stead of having just a Reserve and Varsity 
Team, there was a Freshman Team. There 
were so many enthusiastic and talented 
young ladies that Mr. Wiggins wanted to 
give all a chance to play. 

Mr. Wiggins, who in the past coached 
Varsity, stepped down and coached fresh- 
men leaving his former assistant, Jose Ver- 
astique, to coach Varsity. A new Reserve 
coach took over this year also. The team 
called this new coach. Coach Tosha. 

Overall, the team had a win-loss record 
of 8- 1 6. All in all, the team did all right, but 
trying harder should make them better next 

Above: JV (Left to Right): First Row: Manda Adkins, Trixie Whobrey, Tammy 
Hicks, Hallie Harper, Anna Dean, Erin Baxter. Second Row: Coach Wiggins, 
Jennifer Mosier, Missy Salyers, Laura Spitzer, Coach Tosha, Jennifer Delk, Lisa 
Jones, Coach Jose. 

Above: Varsity (Left to Right): First Row: Jennifer Tolin, Megan McCain. Second Row: 
Manager Chad Burris, Erin Baxter, Melissa Benton, Melissa Deem, Tammy Hicks, Coach 
John Wiggins. Third Row: Amy Beck, Yolanda Cole, Heather Hopkins, Coach Jose, 
Crystal Whitehead, Danielle Vertner, Heather Tolin. 

Girls Volleyball 1 79 


The 1990 soccer season was an improve- 
ment over last year. With the support of 
more fans, the team won their first game in 
two years. This year's team included eight 
seniors compared to three seniors last year. 
This year's seniors were Jason Bundy, Da- 
vid Gut, Chris Irvin, Richard Harrell, 
Andy Lane, Paul Pritchard, Antonio Mo- 
lina, and Allen Worth. Some humorous 
things happened this season. Two nameless 
students made goals for the opposing team. 
Some not so humorous things happened 
also. Chris Irvin managed to get a broken 
nose during the pregame. Overall, the 
members of this year's soccer team were 
dedicated and hard working. 

Tracy Tolin 

Top: Soccer Team (Left to Right): First Row: Shawn 
Moore, Andy Woodard, Jason Bundy, Mike Deal, Al- 
len Worth, Chris Irvin, Marc Wilson, Mike Tiernan. 
Second Row: Coach Hart, David Gut, Richard Har- 
rell, Ryan Pritchard, Paul Pritchard, Antonio Molina, 
Andy Lane, Ryan Dammeyer, Coach Moore. 

Left: Mike Tiernan, reserve goalie, keeps the ball 
in play. 

Above: Coach Hart discusses an excellent play 
with Ryan Dammeyer. 

Opposite Page Bottom Left: Girls Golf Team (Left 
to Right): Coach Mahler. Brandy W'right. Mandy 
Steffey, Tanika Price, Laura Alexander, Sally 



There were five members on the Girls 
Golf Team this year — Laura Alexander, 
captain, Sally Breidenbach, Mandy Stef- 
fey, Tanika Price, and Brandy Wright. The 
coach, Mr. Mahler, had the pleasure of 
teaching the three rookies the art of golf 
and refreshing the memory of Brandy and 
Laura. Throughout the season the girls 
grew in skills and friendship. Mr. Mahler 
showed the girls how to really "smoke the 
ball." Each of the girls had the opportunity 
to compete on a number of varied courses, 
with Pleasant Run as their home course. 
The season ended on a cold and rainy day at 
sectionals with all of the girls in good spir- 

mi i^ 

Top: As the crowd grows silent. Brandy Wright tecs 

Above: It's into the wilderness for Tanika Price. 
Where is that bal 

Girls Golf/ 81 



The team's worst enemy this year was not having enough players to 
keep from forfeiting games. Mrs. Jennifer McNally who replaced Errol 
Spears as the coach this year stated that Scott Thomas was the Most 
Valuable Player this year and that what the team needs is a lot of new 
faces next year, people who are willing to commit to six weeks of tennis, 
people who are not necessarily good at tennis, but have a willingness to 

Jeff Redmon 




The girls of Howe's swim team overcame many obstacles and still 
managed to celebrate more than once during the 1990 season, defeating 
Tech, Northwest, Arlington, and Washington. The Hornets also placed 
second in the Tech Invitational. The regular season ended with second 
place in the IPSAC tourney. Individual victories include Slaughter, 
Starr, Trotter, and McBurnie. In addition to these, Kiefner became a 
first in city and conference tournaments as well as a first in the State 
Qualifications. The girls kept a positive attitude and were successful, 
owing a lot to Coach Elizabeth Hendricksen and John Beswick. 

Amanda Kiefner 

Top: Captain Scott Thomas shows his winning 
form on a serve return. 

Above: Boys Tennis (Left to Right): Front Row: Matt 
McBurnie, Jimmy Deal. Second Row: Jason Cupp, 
Coach Jennifer McNally, Mark Ray, Doug Holling- 
worth, Scott Thomas. 

82/ Boys Tennis 

Opposite Page Bottom Right: Matt McBurnie dis- 
cusses strategy for his next match with Coach McNal- 


Below: Amanda Kiefner shows the form that made her 
city Champion in the 200 yard Individual Medley. 

Girls Swim Team (Left to Right): Front Row: Laura 
McBurnie, Heather Taylor, Adrianna Kendall. Sec- 
ond Row; Amanda Kiefner, Coach Liz Hendricksen, 
Amanda Trotter, Amanda Slaughter, Becky Starr. 

Below: Coach Liz Hendrick.sen discusses the swim 
team's progress with Mr. John Beswick. 

Girls Swimming/ 83 

Below: Most Valuable Player and winner of 7th place in IPSAC, Dave 
Porter, poses for group picture. 

Right: Barry Thompson paces himself in the race to the finish line and 
earns himself a Most Improved Player award. 


Above: This runner seems to get an encouraging pat on the 
back from Coach Sam as he arrives at the finish line. 

Right; Coach Sam assists in holding the line for the finish 
as John McCloud approaches it. 

Opposite Page Bottom Left: Cross Country Team (Left to 
Right) Back Row: Coach Nicholson, Fitima Frierson, Ni- 
cole Brown, Robin Lawrence, Shermika Snow, Coach 
Sam. Front Row: Chris Oliver, John McCloud, Dave Por- 
ter, Jason Sparks. 


84 1 Cross Country 


Both Boys and Girls Cross Country 
Teams found themselves with fewer run- 
ners this year in comparison to last year. 
Not too many fans keep them company in 
their runs to encourage them on; they have 
to keep their own inner drive going to get to 
the finish line. 

This year Dave Porter was awarded the 
Most Valuable Player Honor. The 7th 
place win in the IPSAC was also Dave Por- 
ter's honor. Jason Sparks came away with 
the Best Mental Attitude award, and Most 
Improved Awards were given to Chris Oli- 
ver, John McCloud, and Barry Thompson. 

For the girls team, Nicole Brown walked 
away with the Most Valuable Player 
award, the Best Mental Attitude award, 
the Most Improved award, and a 5th place 
win in IPSAC. In fact, Nicole Brown is the 
only girl who stuck it out to the end of the 

Left: This runner has learned that pacing is very im- 
portant in Cross Country because of the length of the 

Below: The shade of a tree can be a relief to a Cross 
[v^;'"^:i^^^J|^>| Country runner. 

•lr.i. ^•S'^ " -V' 


Cross Country 1 85 


uio;joa Xsj^ioag uajsu^ lysq luonog uosjanBd 
Bpiiv 'unoj, -"^jiuugf '3U0JBJAJ BqjupBf puB aoXof 
'qqo3 XqiB)! :(ji{Si>i oj ijaq) ajppiw "saBII^AV -^^^JS 
■n'^]1i doi uiJOis 3!PU3M :U31 doi :60I sSM miuiS 
Eunsun3 :iii3!>I uiouog ipjiuBQ /(jsuij3 laippiJM 
Luouog [sSuv ButiBqsBq rijaq tuouog ■Xjj9X Xuiuibx 
:iqgi>I doi UBUiujajM ajinf lyaq doi igOI sSbj 

Right; Howe's leading scorer, Michelle Moore, goes 
for another two points. 

Opposite Page Top; Senior, Mike Williams, holds the 
pin for the win. 

Oppfjsite Page Bottom; Andre Smith goes up for the 


86 /Winter Sports 

Winter Sports/87 



This year's varsity team had only two 
returning varsity players, Kirk Pinkston 
and Andre Smith, for most of the year. Un- 
fortunately, several valuable players were 
lost. Because the team was building and 
had many young, inexperienced players, 
the varsity had a difficult time winning. 
More leadership and discipline will be nec- 
essary for the team to do better next year. 
Control on the floor will be necessary and 
better chemistry among the players for im- 

Top: Varsity Team (Left to Right): Front Row: Scott 
Weinke, Anthony Johnson, Anthony Booker, Derrick 
Smith, Mike Dwigans, Herman Andrews. Back Row: 
Andre Smith, Vincent Harris, Tyrone Odom, Andre 
Donaldson, Mike Clark, Kirk Pinkston, Dion Morton. 


Opposite Page Left: Scott Weinke finds a clear path 
for an easy two points. 

Opposite Page Bottom Right: Coach Thompson gives 
a few words of encouragement before the team goes 
back on the court. 

Left: The four-year varsity senior, Andre Smith, drops 
off his opponent for a basket. 

Above: Derrick McAtec fights through the defense Top Right: Andre Donaldson mixes it up on his way Above: Emerson Petty sets up to drive to the hotip at 
to score. onto the court. home basketball game. 


JV/ Freshman Basketball 

Left: Steve Forbes bites his lip to keep his concentration 
on the game. 

Bottom Left: Darryl Harvey fights for control of the ball. 

Bottom Right: Larry Payne's might make it into the bas- 
ket if it doesn't get blocked. 

Opposite Page Top Left; The Freshman Coach Jeff Bran- 
don explains the game plan to the Freshman Team. 

Opposite Page Bottom Left: Ralph Williams takes the 
jumpshot for two points. 

90 1 Basketball 

Middle: JV Team (Left to Right): Front Row: Norvell Young, Ty- 
rone O'Neal, Emerson Petty, Jason Sparks, Shawn Quick, Greg 
Zimmerman, Christopher Oliver. Back Row: Darryl Harvey, Der- 
rick McAtee, John Hamilton, Damon Bryant, David Butler, Leo 
Turner, James Hibbler, David Porter, Darnell Pearson. 

Bottom Right: Freshman Team (Left to Right): Front Row: David 
Shelton, Donald Engle, Titus Bridges, Ricky Whatley, Mike Jones, 
Ralph Williams. Back Row: Larry Payne, Randall Futrell, Steve 
Forbes, David Davis, James Johnson. (Not pictured. Derrick Rich- 

Basketball/ 91 


This year both teams really had to strug- 
gle for their achievements. Losing some of 
our better players on both teams made the 
season difficult. In spite of the many prob- 
lems we faced this year, with the help of our 
two great coaches the team really pulled 
together and gave each other moral sup- 
port. The fans were helpful in keeping our 
spirits up also. We're all looking forward to 
next season and another year of Howe's 
Girls Basketball. 

Joanne Wright 

Far Left: Jennifer Ackelmire practices her free throw shot 
in pre-game warm ups. 

Middle Left: Crystal Whitehead focuses before making 

her shot. 

Above: Jennifer Tolin shoots a critical free throw. 
Left: Kacilia Ratcliffe goes up for a good jump shot. 

92 1 Basketball 

Opposite Page Top: Reserve Team (Left to Right): 
First Row: Tammy Hicks, Fitima Frierson, Melissa 
Bow, Kelly Jones, Latoya Cruthers. Second Row: 
Shannon Tolin, Michelle Stewart, Crystal Whitehead, 
Heather Taylor, Heather Hopkins, Joanne Wright. 
Back Row: Coach Wiggins and Sheridan Melton. 

Below: Varsity Team (Left to Right): Front Row: 
Danyale Buckner, Sajuan Harvey, Yolanda Cole, 
Heather Tolin. Back Row: Kacilia Ratcliffe, Missy 
Salyers, Jennifer Ackelmire, Michelle Moore. 

Left: Michelle Moore shoots one of her famous layups. 

Basketball/ 93 


Right; Mike Williams' arm is raised for the victory 

94 /Wrestling 

Opposite Page Top Left: Brian Marcum concentrates 
on the take down. 

Top; Ernest Smith is seconds from pinning his oppo- 

Middle: Shawn Moore smashes his opponent into the 

Leaving Ernest Smith behind at the City Tourna- 
ment and having to go back after him will be a memo- 
rable experience for this year's Wrestling Team. An- 
other moment of this type was pushing the bus across 
the Lawrence Central Parking lot to push-start the 

This year's Wrestling Team showed improvement 
over last year's team. One reason for this could be that 
the team was more experienced. Six team members 
distinguished themselves at the City Tournament: 
Mike Williams and Shawn Moore, first place; Bennie 
Wagers, second place; Brian Marcum and Ernest 
Smith, fourth place; and Marco Snider, fifth place. 
Mike Williams, Marc Roland, Bennie Wagers, and 
Shawn Moore brought home honors at the Sectionals. 
Williams, Wagers, and Moore won at the Regionals 
and went on to the Semi-State. Moore and Williams 
advanced to win sixth place in the State Finals. Du- 
juan Thompson and Sam Goldsberry were JV champs 
at City. 

Howe's Wrestling Team has been getting better and 
hopefully will do even better next year. 

Mike Williams 

Bottom Left: Bennie Wagers sets to start the match. 

Bottom Right: Coach Miller gives Ernest Smith, Brian 
Marcum, and Mike Williams advice before their 
weight class is called. 






Spirit 1 99 


Opposite Page Top; Golden Gals (Left to Right): Back 
Row: Mrs. Sommers, Kimara Griffin, Toni Buerglin, 
Andrea Sanders, Jill Steffey, Angle Moore, Rose 
Childs, Lavonne Murrell, Angie Willis, Mrs. Harpold. 
Middle Row: Amy Sommers, Kathy Cobb, Kristy 
Smith, Maya Watt, Denessa Harmon, Mary Jo Hicks. 
Front Row: Heather Lockhart, Shannon Schwe' 
Tina Hildebrandt, Amy Sulzberger. Below: Du.- -^ 
the football game, Angie Moore, Amy Sommers. 
Kathy Cobb protect the water cooler from poitr.' t 
thieves. Bottom: Tina Hildebrandt and Shan-:.' 
Schwier laugh as they take a break after working hard 
for the guys on the football field. 

The "right-hand man" for the football 
players is a girl — a Golden Gal. The many 
girls who are a part of this group keep track 
of statistics for the players. The players wa- 
ter supply is carried by these Golden Gals. 
Most all students know them for the weekly 
bulletins they put out — giving glory where 
glory is due for the team, allowing the stu- 
dent body, teachers, and staff to know the 
progress of the players and team. In addi- 
tion to the bulletins, the girls make posters 
and hang them around the building. The 
girls work hard and enjoy themselves serv- 
ing the players and teams. When someone 
asks, who are those girls on the field during 
varsity, reserve, and freshman games, the 
answer is the Golden Gals. 

Shannon Schwier 

O G 





100 1 Golden Gals 

Middle Left: Lisa Monroe, May Watt, and Amy 
Hucks are waiting patiently for the football game lo 

Above; Amy Sulzberger and Tony Bucrglin arc en- 
thused about Howe's record. 

Left: Kathy Lashlcy and Kristy Smith busy them- 
selves by making a banner for the football game. 

Golden Gals/ 101 

Above: Trisha Tolin, co-captain, listens to the ideas of 
the other Mat Maids. a 

Middle Right: Angle Moore and Julie Merriman en- 
joy helping the Wrestling Team. 

Right: Besides helping with Mat Maids, Denessa Har- 
mon participates in class work with other students. 

102 1 Mat Maids 

Mat Maids 

Top Left: Julie Merriman, Tra- 
cy Maciotok, Amanda Keifner, 
and Amanda Trotter wait for 
the start of the Mat Maid meet- 
ing, one of two held each week. 

Left: In addition to sponsoring 
Mat Maids, Mrs. Sommers as- 
sists in the after-school conces- 
sion stand. 

Left: Mat Maids (Left to Right): Back Row: Amanda 
Slaughter, Sydney Moore, Tanika Price, Becky Starr, 
Sheila Gibson, Tracy Maciotok, Trisha Tolin. Front 
Row: Carrie Deeter, Denessa Harmon, Mandy Stef- 
fey, Jill Steffey, Mary Jo Hicks, Julie Merriman, 
Amanda Keifner, Amanda Trotter. 

The Mat Maids support the Wrestling 
Team a great deal. The Mat Maids help the 
team in numerous ways — keeping score, 
cheering, decorating lockers, making signs, 
getting food and drink for the team mem- 
bers, and even throwing in the towel at the 
end of certain matches. 

This year the girls were involved with, 
not one but two, large meets at Howe, the 
Invitational and the Sectional. They work 
hard for the team members but have their 
most fun surprising their secret wrestlers 
with encouraging messages and actions. 

Randy Wilson 

Mat Maids/ 103 


Above: Varsity Cheerleaders (Left to Right): Na- 
Trina Hill, Lisa Urich, Rosemary Deal, Rebecca 
Starr, Felicia Willis, Kelly Jones, Clara Winslow. 

Right: Freshman Cheerleaders (Left to Right): 
Standing, Heather Pinner, Andrea Morgan, Shan- 
non Tolin, Seated, Karen Parker. 


104 1 Football Cheerleaders 



Above: Junior Varsity Cheerleaders (Left to Right): Ki- 
sha Tandy, Heather Sommers, Lisa Monroe, Allison 
Whittemore, Lachnwda Payton, Serita Digbie (seated). 

The Varsity Cheerleaders (Felicia Wil- 
lis, Becky Starr, Clara Winslow, Lisa 
Urich, Kelly Jones, NaTrina Hill, and 
Rosemary Deal) were proud to cheer the 
Varsity Football Team through a very suc- 
cessful, winning season. The cheerleading 
camp that the Varsity and Junior Varsity 
Squads attended at DePauw University in 
August prepared them well for the season. 

The Junior Varsity Cheerleaders 
(Heather Sommers, Allison Whittemore, 
Lachnwda Payton, Lisa Monroe, Charla 
Collins, Serita Digby, Kisha Tandy — Al- 
ternate) and the Freshman Cheerleaders 
(Shannon Tolin, Karen Parker, Becky 
Dugger, Andrea Morgan, Heather Pinner) 
led fans to cheer the Junior Varsity and 
Freshman Football Teams to victory. 

Shelley Keller and Rita Gaither were the 
cheerleading sponsors for the 1990-91 foot- 
ball season. 

Rosemary Deal 

Left: Lisa Monroe and Serita Digbie show their spirit 
at the pep rally. 

Above: Heather Sommers. Rosemary Deal, and Lisa 
Monroe ask Arlington fans if they have spirit at 


Football Cheerleaders/ 105 

Basketball Cheerleaders / High Steppers 

Top Left: Mrs. Shelley Keller, cheerleader sponsor, 
settles down for a long practice session. 

Right: High Steppers (Left to Right): Front: Bobbie 
.Smith, .Middle Row: Angie Petree, Rhonda Wills, Mi- 
chelle LaFollette. Back Row: Kim Bryant, Natasha 
Reedus, Cora Jones. 

/ 06/ Cheerleaders I Steppers 

This year the Cheerleaders are more or- 
ganized than they have been sometimes in 
the past. Strangely enough, the girls are 
more equal in size than some squads in the 
past. They also seem to get along better 
than some squads in the past. Even though 
the team has not been winning, the girls 
have kept a positive attitude. This is prob- 
ably achieved because of their excellent 
sponsor, Mrs. Shelley Keller, and the varsi- 
ty co-captains, Felicia Willis and NaTrina 

Kimberly Mertz 

Opposite Page Top Right: Reserve Team (Left to Right): 
Front: Darlyce Benifieid, Kisha Tandy, Nicole Love, 
Back: Kim Griffin, Karec Jones, Charla Collins. 

Opposite Page Bottom Left: Left back, Tamika Schmidt, 
and left front, Nicole Wright, do their best to conjure up 
school spirit. 

Top: Varsity Team (Left to Right): Front: Christa Hunt- 
singer, NaTrina Hill, Rhonda Wills. Back: Deidra Col- 
lins, Lisa Monroe, Felicia Willis. 

Above: Freshman Team (Left to Right): Front, Karen 
Parker, Middle: Nicole Wright, Christian Ellis, Carrie 
Collins, Champale Brown. Top: Tamika Schmidt. 

Cheerleaders j Steppers 1 107 


Senior Baby Pictures 

Guess Who 

Graduation marks the time when 
many Seniors must say good-bye to their 
friends. For the Howe High School Class 
of '91, most of us have been together 
since we were young. Remember when 
Lashauna Angel, Kristen Beckley, 
Christy Cantrell, Kathy Cobb, Jacintha 
Malone, Joyce Malone, Julie Merriman, 
Alicia Patterson, Beverly Pettigrew, 
Christina Smith, Wendie Storm, Jenni- 
fer Tolin, Tracy Tolin, Trisha Tolin, 
Tammy Terry, and Stacy Wallace 
looked like this? (Identification on page 

Guess Who 

108 1 Album 

Album/ 109 

Class of 1991 

Laquita Alsum LaShauna Angel Stacie Armstrong Mark Atchley Robin Atnip Kristen Beckley 

'# ' ■liiai ilMii 1 ir ^ 

Christy Biddle Shonice Board Contessa Bradford Nicole Brown Tracy Brown Brian Burgess 

Jeremy Burris 


John Burton 

Christy Cantrell David Carlyle 

Margo Carr Melissa Carter 

Shlon Carter 

Rose Childs Katherine Cobb Deidra Collins Keith Conrad Amy Cook 

110 1 Seniors 

Jason A. Cox Rhonda Cox Kristi Coyle Rutha Crutchfield Rosemary Deal Elizabeth Deeter 

Anita Enz Tracey Evans April Farmer Cherie Frye John Gillespie Julius Gordon 



Adam Gregory Eric Gregory Kenyada Griffin David Gut Chelsi Hall Deborah Hanna 

Richard Harrell Rebecca Harvey Charles Hebble Joanna Hiser Noel Holmes Amy Hucks 



Dana Huddleston Terrance Huggins Melisa Humphries Michael R. Johnson Robin Killebrew Warren Kinney 

Seniors/ 111 

Jerry Knowles 

Tracy Kord 

Tracy Kult 

Lolena Lacy 

James Langley Katherine Lashley 

Jeffery Lawrence 

Brant Logan 

Tracie Maciotok Jennifer Maher Jacintha Malone 

Jovce Malone 

Above Top: Brian Schaefer, Nationalist Senator, 
seems puzzled at the multitude of problems in our 

Above Bottom; Laura Payton speaks technically of the 

book she's holding as Amy Hucks listens attentively. Michelle McCullough 

Idris McGraw Garnet McNeely 

112/ Seniors 


Above: Michelle Moore and Tracy Tolin are having a 
good time while working on their report in the library. 

Jason Meek Sheridan Melton Julie Merriman 

Above: "Ninety, Ninety, Ninety, Ninety, Ninety- 
one!" Senior Rosie Deal cheers. 


Reginald Miller Melita Mitchell Antonio Molina Aaron Montgomery Amy Moore Michelle Moore 

Rosalyn Morton Lavonnc Murreii Daron Myers Vicki Napier Matthew Niehoff Gregory Odom 

Seniors/ 1 13 



Paul Pritchard Crystal Ratliff Natasha Reedus 


Matthew Rogers Andrea Sanders Brian Schaefer Elizabeth Scott Amanda Slaughter Robin Sloan 

Bobbie Smith 

Christina Smith Ernest Smith 

Renee Smith 

Amy Sommers Wendie Storm 

114/ Seniors 

Michael Williams Angela Willis 

Opposite Page Top Left: Seniors get wild at the pep Above: Seniors David Gut and Chris Whaiey work 
rally. diligently in the English olTicc. 

Top Left: Senior varsity cheerleaders cheer on the 
mighty Howe Hornets. 

Seniors/ 115 

Top: From the ticket booth, Wendie Storm watches Above Left: The close-up shows Chris Whaley trying 
for the crowd to show up. to decide what to do next. 

116 1 Seniors 

Opposite Page Bottom Right: As friends, Chris Irvin, 
Allen Worth, and Mike Williams find it important to 
stick together. 

Top Left: Matt McBurnie gets the honor of shaking 
hands with Senator Dick Lugar during the Senator's 
visit to Howe. 

Above: Matt McBurnie, Andy Lane, and Michael 
Johnson wait in the conference room for Senator Lu- 
gar's arrival. 


High school is a time to learn. Of course, when we 
say that, we think about academics. However, this is 
also a time to learn about ourselves and those around 

When we remember our days in high school, we will 
think about our friends and classmates who made our 
days a special time. We have lived together, all of us, in 
the classrooms and halls of Thomas Carr Howe eight 
hours a day, nine months a year. 

All of the smiles we've shared, all of the reassuring 
hugs we've given, all of the friends we've made over the 
years, and all of the learning we have shared together 
have made up our time in school. Living, laughing, 
learning, loving, and remembering — that's Howe 
High School. 

Graduation is a time when many seniors say good- 
bye to their friends and classmates to move on with 
greater accomplishments. Some will go to college; 
some will go to work; some will start families of their 
own; the rest . . . well, they have our blessing. 

We'd like to wish every graduating senior the best of 
luck in whatever life has in store for him. We hope you 
will treasure the memories of your high school years as 
a member of the Class of 1991. 

For Seniors: A Poem 

Above: Senior Robyn Lucas works hard to complete 
her class work so she can participate in school activi- 

Single file and yet together 
We've shared our greatest days. 
And we carry common memories 

in different ways. 
Though we don't know 

where we're going. 
We'll cherish where we've been. 

Hold on to the moment; 
Let the feelings show. 
Hold on to the moment; 
never let it go. 

I can picture us together 
With my arms around my friends. 
Let me hold on to the moment 
before it ends. 

There was laughter; 
There were tears 

through the dozen 

golden years. 
(Modified from "Hold on to the Memories." author 


Tammy Terry 

Seniors/ 117 

Play Sponsored by Seniors 

Illustrated with Madrigals 



Green Gables 



Joseph Robinette 

•y The Dramatic Publishing Company 

The performance of the intended senior- 
sponsored play, Anne of Greene Gables, 
was too late, May 17-18, this year to be 
covered. Since most of the seniors who un- 
doubtedly would be in the play are also in 
the Madrigals, the Madrigals are pictured 
here; moreover, the superb job of the stu- 
dents and Mr. Bramlett, their director, is 
also honored here. 

118/ Senior Play 


A FuU-Length Play 

For Six-Twehrc Men and Twelve-Nineteen Women 

and Extras if desired 

(Major Speaking Roles,* In Order of Appearance) 


(Minor Speaking Roles and Extras) 















THE TIME: The early 1900's 

THE PLACE: Avonlea 
and other locations on Prince Edward Island, Canada 

Opposite Page Top: Jason Bundy demon- 
strates sword technique for director Mr. 

Top: The Madrigals (Left to Right): Left 
Table: Becky Starr, Rhett Lawmaster, Jer- 
ry Knowles, Julie Thompson. Back Row: 
Mr. Bramlett, Mrs. Lynn Morgan, Amy 
Lee, Matt McBurnie, Rosemary Deal, Da- 
vid VanSell, Garnet McNeely, Jason Cox, 
Joyce Malone, Jacintha Malone, Jason 
Bundy. Right Table: Alisa Nicoson, Trixie 
Whobrey, Chrissy Coomer, Andy Woo- 
dard. Front Center: Robert Ballew, George 
Maynard, Michael Deal. Kneeling: Brandy 

Opposite Page Bottom Left: An active ac- 
tress who is not in Madrigals is Kristin 

Opposite Page Bottom Center: Caryl Zor- 
niger, a former Howe student and Howe 
graduate Caryl Conwell, volunteered to di- 
rect the play this year. 

Opposite Page Bottom Right: Clara Wins- 
low had been dedicated to acting and music 
since her freshman year. 

•Speaking appearances in two or more scenes. 

Senior Play/ 119 


The Student Council is a student or- 
ganization that sponsors activities for 
the school and for the public. Its in- 
school projects include Homecoming, 
dances, candy gram sales, the Winter 
Sports Festival, and such. 

In the community, Howe's Student 
Council gives parties for a local nursing 
home, decorates Irvington with lumin- 
aria the Sunday before Christmas, and 
holds a yearly drive to gather food and 
clothing for the needy. 

This year is a rebuilding year for the 
Student Council. With a small, closely 
knit group of hardworking individuals, 
the Council is establishing new tradi- 
tions and approaching old problems 
from new angles. 

In the years ahead. Student Council 
will continue to grow and change with 
the times, but the Student Council will 
always be a vital part of Howe. 

Keith Trinkle 

Top Left: Student Council President Mary 
Nicewanger gives a speech to the student body at the 
beginning of the year. 

Top Middle: Front Row: Christa Huntsinger, Laura 
McBrurnie, Mary Nicewanger, Bill Burmeister, 
Yvonne Williams. Second Row: LaShauna Angel, 
Matt McBurnie, Jason Bundy, Christine Balvin, Mi- 
chael Wynne. Back Row: Mrs. Aman, Kathy Smith, 
Sheridan Melton. 

Right: The football players show their spirit by break- 
ing through a paper banner at the Student Council 
sponsored pre-Homecoming game activities. 

120 1 Student Council 

Below: During Student Council sponsored Spirit 
Week, Melissa Deem and Amy Beck dress as twins. 

Bottom Left: Michelle Moore enjoys Spirit Week be- 
cause she gets to carry a worried tiger to school for 

Bottom Right: Mary Nicewanger shows the impor- 
tance of the Student Council when half of an entire 
assembly program is devoted to it. 


I /V 

11 MBMi ** ^ 1 


1 Bv^'V 




r hk. ^^ 

Student Council/ 121 

122 1 Senior Class 


_£ £_ 

^ •■a:^:- 




» « 



• ■ -it 






Senior Class/ 123 

Class of 1992 

Abner, Eric 

Ackelmire, Jennifer 

Ahmad Malik 

Alexander, Kevin 

Alexander, Laura 

Alexander, Micah 

Bahre, Jody 

Balvin, Christine 

Bean, Adam 

Beck, Amy 

Bingham, Stephanie 

Bowen, Letania 

Bravard, Bridgett 

Brock, Pamela 

Buchanan, Kathleen 

Buergelin, Toni 

Burmeister, William 

Butler, David 

Clouse, Brian 

Collins, Gary 

Crockett, Brian 

Cruz, Eleuteria 

Culvahouse, Jon 

Curry, Lewis 

Dalton, April 

Davis, Jennifer 

Deal, James 

Dean, Benjamin 

Deem, Melissa 

Depp, James 

Desai, Hari 

Douglas, Christine 

Eads, Anna 

Emmitt, Jeffery 

Felts, Kellie 

Fields, Chereece 

Fields, Corinna 

Fitzgerald, Angle 

Flynn, Cathy 

Gaines, Deborah 

Gibson, Sheila 

Gill, Christopher 

Glinsey, Arthur 

Guffey, Melinda 

Hall, Kim 

Harmon, Denessa 

Harper, Jamoni 

Harrison, Donald 

Hickrod, Marianne 

Hicks, Mary Jo 

Hildebrandt, Robert 

Hill, NaTrina 

Hornback, Kevin 

Hoskins, Cynthia 

Huntsinger, Christa 

Hurst, Jerry 

Hyde, Kevin 

Ireland, Jessica 

Jackson, Melissa 

Johnson, Emma 

Jones, Kelly 

Knight, Gerald 

Lemasters, Joel 

Lewis, Charles 

124/ Juniors 

S^M € 

Love, Nicole 
Majors, Tiffany 
Mertz, Kimberly 
Moody, David 
Moore, Juan 
Mullins, Yolanda 
Murdick, Heather 
Myers, Tara 

Nalley, Michelle 
Nicewanger, Mary 
Oliver, Christopher 
Parker, Sean 
Parks, Brad 
Payne, Aaron 
Payton, Lachnwda 
Porter, David 

Proctor, Carl 
Ratz, Christopher 
Redmon, Jeffrey 
Rivers, Frankie 
Roof, Ana 
Saulsberry, Nicole 
Schmidt, April 
Schneider, David 

Schwier, Shannon 
Shanklin, Angela 
Smith, Kelly 
Smith, Kristy 
Smith, Olon 
Sparks, Aaron 
Spears, Anthony 
Stanley, Brian 

Above: Junior Kim Mertz keeps busy working a layout 
for the yearbook. 

Juniors/ 125 

Ware, Misty 

Washington, Tracy 

Weidner, Taunya 

Weinkauf, Alexis 

Wesley, James 

Williams, Stephanie 

Williams, Victoria 

Wilson, Jerry 

Wilson, Marc 

Wilson, Randy 

Yeary, William 

Zaphiriou, Damon 

Top Right: Junior Varsity football cheerleader, Right: Junior Nolan Porter on Halloween. 
Kelly Jones. 

Bottom Left: Junior Ana Roof at lunch. 
Top Left: Juniors Randy Wilson and Yolanda 
Mullins. Bottom Right: Juniors Kevin Hornback and Billy 


Opposite Page Top Left: Juniors keep busy in 

class. Opposite Page Middle Right: Junior Angle Fitz- 


Opposite Page Top Right: Junior Kevin Hornback. 

Opposite Page Bottom: Juniors Brian Stanley, 

Opposite Page Middle Left: Junior Melissa Deem. Sean Parker, and Luretha Wilson in English 5. 

126/ Juniors 


.r -V 




I j 

1 Jl 









rTv.v /^^ A 

Juniors/ 127 

Class of 1993 

Adams, Latrice 

Adams, Nick 

Adams, Tameika 

Alexander, Ryan 

Alvey, Michael 

Anderson, Shelli 

Anderson, Timothy 

Armour, Antonio 

Austin, Corey 

Bailey, Rosemary 

Baker, Lisa 

Balfour, Emily 

Ballew, Danial 

Ball, Angela 

Barrett, Chelia 

Barton, Oliver 

Belcher, Pamela 

Benton, Jennifer 

Bishop, Elizabeth 

Blackburn, Stacy 

Blakley, Heather 

Bow, Melissa 

Bowen, Tamia 

Bragg, David 

Bray, Juanita 

Brooks, Karie 

Brown, Christina 

Brown, Deonbrae 

Bryant, Damon 

Bryant, Shirley 

Burgess, Roger 

Burkhardt, Donnie 

Capps, Jennifer 

Carter, Thomas 

Castaneda, Tara 

Cathcart, Kelita 

Collins, Charla 

Coomer, Christina 

Corman, James 

Dammeyer, Ryan 

Davis, Ross 

Delk, Jennifer 

Digbie, Serita 

Dinkins, Atallie 

Duncan, Angela 

Durham, Alpha 

Ege, Norman 

Elliott, Melissa 

Elliott, Tonya 

Evans, Aaron 

Evans, Christopher 

Finney, Darbyann 

Foley, Constance 

Ford, James 

Frierson, Fitima 

Fuqua, Eric 

Galyan, Kevin 

Gibbs, Jason 

Golden, Lukeysha 

Goodnight, Carla 

Gray, Rebecca 

Greene, Brandan 

Griffin, Kimara 

Gunter, Jessica 


128 /Sophomores 

^■■■j^^^^^^H wait 

Hamilton, John 
Hammond, Kevin 
Harvey, Frederick 
Harper, Hallie 
Harris, Demond 
Harris, Paul 
Hayes, Michael 
Head, Bridgetl 

Headrick, Tammy 
Helton, Gary 
Hibbler, James 
Hicks, Tamara 
Hill, John 
Hobbs, Heather 
Holland, Tiffany 
HoUandsworth, Doug 

Hoiliday, Michelle 
Howard, James 
Humphrey, Angie 
Jenkins, Tamara 
Jenkins, Tonja 
Jingles, Jimmie 
Jones, Jill 
Jones, Karec 

Johnson, Anthony 
Johnson, Albert 
Johnson, Kristena 
Johnson, Kyle 
Keefe, John 
Kelley, April 
King, Wray 
Kissee, Adam 

Kizzee, Beth 
Knighten, Michelle 
Lahey, Jeff 
Lang, Christina 
Lawmaster, Rhett 
Lawson, Amy 
Le Feber, Albert 
Le, Hanh 

Left: Sophomores carry their winning banner down 
the field. 

Above: Brian Marcum and Shermika Snow arc "bud- 
dy, buddy" at the Pepsi machine after school. 

Sophomores/ 129 

Lee, Amy 

Lewis, John 

Lyons, Randy 

Mahin, Eric 

Mansfield, Jason 

Marcum, Brian 

Mason, Daymon 

Mathis, David 

Mattingly, Joseph 

Maxwell, Cedric 

McBride, Chad 

McCain, Megan 

McFarland, Robert 

McGraw, Abdul 

McKinstry, Tosha 

McLain, Leigh 

McNeal, Melvin 

McNellye, Edward 

Medsker, Eric 

Minor, Julie 

Mitchell, Bobbi 

Mitchell, Zedia 

Monroe, Lisa 

Moore, Shawn 

Morgan, Gina 

Morgan, Jeanette 

Morgan, Thomas 

Morris, Brian 

Morrow, Angle 

Morton, Dion 

Mosier, Jennifer 

Muns, Regina 

Murphy, Donita 

Neal, Teela 

Nicoson, Alisa 

Niehoff, Walter 

Nieman, Paul 

Offutt, Crystal 

ONeal, Tyrone 

Orr, Charles 



Above: Sophomore Andy Woodard shows the Opposite Page Bottom: Sophomore Allison 
peace sign to those passing the window. Whittemore cheers for the Howe Hornets. 

Right; Sophomore Jasmine Potts awaits the arri- 
val of her schedule in the gym. 

J 30/ Sophomores 

Padgett, Jeramy 
Parker, David 
Patterson, Marcus 
Patterson, Portia 
Payne, Angela 
Petree, Angela 
Petty, Emerson 
Petty, Michael 

Phillips, Hope 
Potts, Jasmine 
Powell, Nina 
Price, Tanika 
Pritchard, John 
Pugh, Sacha 
Quick, Shawn 
Quiett, Amy 

Ratcliffe, Kacilia 
Ray, William 
Raymer, Branden 
Redmon, Carrie 
Reed, Michelle 
Reid, Lindell 
Rhodes, Taffi 
Roberts, Lakiesha 

Robinson, Courtney 
Roland, Marc 
Rowser, Luciana 
Russo, Jason 
Rutan, Dawn 
Rutherford, William 
Schaefer, Stefanie 
Schmidt, Jeffery 

Sexton, Rebekah 
Sharpe, Jennifer 
Slayton, Brian 
Smith, Daryl 
Smith, Erick 
Smith, Larry 
Smith, Nikki 
Smith, Robert 

Smith, Shanett 
Smith, Theresa 
Smith, Tonya 
Snow, Shermika 
Sommers, Heather 
Sparks, Jason 
Spitzer, Laura 
Stamps, Jeannie 

Stover, Larry 
Street, Veronica 
Steffey, Jennifer 
Sugimura, Duane 
Sulzberger, Amy 

Swanagan, Tyrone 
Swanson, Court 
Tandy, Kisha 
Tatum, Robert 
Taylor, DeRita 

Taylor, Hollis 
Teng. Aun 
Teng, Sok 
Theodorou, loannis 
Thompson, Jason 

Sophomores/ 131 

Thompson, Julie 

Trotter, Amanda 

Trotter, Nichole 

Turner, Kevin 

Uhls, Tracy 

Wallace, William 

Walters, Shannon 

Ward, Candle 

Ware, Stephen 

Watkins, Kirk 

Watt, Maya 

Weaver, Amber 

Weddle, Rhonda 

Whatley, Kibibi 

White, Jeffery 

Whittemore, Allison 

Whobrey, Trixie 

Williams, Terrell 

Williams, Yvonne 

Wills, Christopher 

Wills, Rhonda 

Wilson, Randolph 

Wilson, Tomeka 

Wimberly, Terri 

Windon, Willie 

Witt, Mike 

Woodard, Amy 

Woodard, Andrew 

Wright, Adam 

Wright, Brandy 

Yates, Anthony 

Young, Carlos 

Young, Norvell 

Young, Vanessa 

Zaphiriou, Joanna 

132 /Sophomores 



' '-' *^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^l 

Caster, Patrick 
Chambers, Felicia 
Coleman, Tiffany 
Cooper, Kesha 
Cooper, Lynoila 
Cloud, Donald 
Crucc, April 
Turner. Jinikia 

Sophomores / 133 

Class of 1994 

Acton, Dorothy 
Adams, Marcus 



Adkins, Manda 



Adler, Angela 
Akins, Michelle 



Allen, Stacy 
Allen, Tovia 

W v| 


Amos, Kanisha 


Anderson, Charles 

Anderson, Christopher 

Anderson, Shameka 

Andrews, Herman 

Armour, Patrick 

Baines, Marcus 

Baker, David 

Ballew, Robert 

Barnes, Ivan 

Basey, Kenneth 

Baxter, Erin 

Bell, Mose 

Benner, Toni 

Bennett, Amy 

Benson, Kevin 

Bibbs, Darvin 

Bibbs, Leroy 

Bills, Medora 

Bishop, David 

Boardman, Eric 

Boyce, Lonnie 

Boyd, Brian 

Bradburn, Shawn 

Brantley, Kateacha 

Breidenbach, Sally 

Bridges, Tyus 

Brooks, James 

Bross, Eric 

Brown, Champale 

Brown, James 

Brown, Keith 

Brown, Roshanda 

Brownie, Charles 

Browning, Christopher 

Bryant, David 

Bryant, Kimberly 

Buckner, Danyale 

Burke, Christy 

Burnett, Russell 

Burns, Christopher 

Buster, Christopher 

Byrd, Donna 

Caldwell, Keith 

Calloway, Phillip 



li^ivinr t^\I 

Canaday, Brian 
Canady, Rickey 
Carpenter, Shawn 
Carr, Samuel 
Carruthers, Latoya 
Carson, Edith 
Carson, Jamie 
Gary, Laura 

Cary, Mandy 
Caudill, Fred 
Chadwell, Memory 
Chandler, Teresa 
Chaney, Tammy 
Chapman, Jason 
Chatman, Latasha 
Childs, Christopher 

Chittenden, Landon 
Clark, Michael 
Clay, Christina 
Clouse, Jason 
Clemmons, Dewayne 
Cole, Angela 
Coleman, Andre 
Collins, Carrie 

Comstock, Tammy 
Conner, Jamie 
Conrad, Kevin 
Cook, Charles 
Cornelius, Jason 
Cowger, Melissa 
Cowin, Robert 
Cox, Matthew 

Cravens, Maria 
Crowdus, Roosevelt 
Culbertson, Max 
Cunningham, Christopher 
Cupp, Jason 
Curry, Jennifer 
Daniels, William 
Davidson, April 

Opposite Page Bottom: "World Class" sweats get Above; No, you are not seeing double. Natalie 
these two freshmen together on Twins Day. and Laura McBurnie dressed as twins for Spirit 

The braces even matched. 
Left: Lonnie Boyce lines up for registration in the gym 
the first week of school. 


Freshman 1 135 

Below: Sophomores Lisa Monroe and Heather Som- 
mers wait with Freshman cheerleaders for their time 
on the field. 

Davis, Charles 

Davis, David 

Day, Tyrone 

Deal, Michael 

Dean, Anna 

Dean, Tamika 

Dearth, Christine 

Deeter, Carolyn 

Dennis, Quincy 

Denny, Ramone 

Derington, Charles 

Desai, Om 

Dicus, Marlena 

Drinkut, Fred 

Dubeansky, Joseph 

Ducking, Kelly 

Dugger, Rebecca 

Dulaney, Lisa 

Dunn, Michael 

Dwigans, Michael 

Earl, Jonathan 

Edmondson, Makeda 

Edwards, Phyllis 

Eha, Heather 

Eland, April 

Eland, William 

Eldridge, Jerome 

Ellis, Christian 

Emerson, Adrian 

Engle, Donald 

Evans, Jerome 

Farmer, Clyde 

Featherston, Michael 

Flowers, Latonya 

Foster, Crystal 

Foster, Michael 

Fox, Gabriel 

Franklin, Jermaine 

Frederick, Darnell 

French, Cindy 

Fullen, Mike 

Futrell, Randall 

Gale, Laurissa 

Gantz, Jason 

Garland, Mark 

Galon, Michael 

Gibbs, Christopher 

Gibson, Terri 


136 /Freshmen 

Glinsey, Audrey 
Golden, Rebecca 
Goldman, Wanda 
Goldsberry, Samuel 
Gootee, William 
Graves, Kathy 
Graves, Tanyika 
Graves, Tamise 

Graves, Vonita 
Griffin, Tashia 
Gross, Cornell 
Hale, Thomas 
Hamilton, Christopher 
Hampton, James 
Harney, Guyaphos 
Harrell, Angel 

Harrison, Michelle 
Haverly, Robert 
Hawkins, Chad 
Hayes, Michelle 
Henslee, Robert 
Hester, Starr 
Hewlett, Jerry 
Hickinbottom, Joel 

Highbaugh, Timika 
Hill, Telisa 
Hodge, Jason 
Hopkins, Heather 
Hopson, Anthony 
Hopson, James 
Hooker, Stephen 
Hoskins, Jason 

Hubbard, Marty 
Huddleson, Darla 
Huddleston, Venita 
Hurt, Jennifer 
Ingram, Deborah 
Ingram, Tiffany 
Irby, James 
Israel, Darlene 

Jackson, Lisa 
James, Murphy 
Jefferson, Nedra 
Jenkins, Sandra 
Johnson, Bobby 
Johnson, James 
Johnson, Michael 
Johnson, Timika 

Johnston, Bonnie 
Jones, Derrick 
Jones, Marcus 

Kayler, Michael 
Kendall, Adriana 
Kendall, Aundrea 

Kendall. Thomas 
Kern, Shannon 
Kersey, Billy 

Left: Natalie 

Freshmen / 1 37 

Keyes, Linda 

Keys, Caesha 

Kidd, Carolyn 

King, Rachel 

Kinney, AUyson 

Kinney, Deborah 

Kirk, Lashawn 

Kirk, Shawn 

Klages, Christina 

Koontz, Jerilyn 

Lacy, Chris 

Lafollette, Michelle 

Lake, Shirley 

Lakin, Antonio 

Landers, Frederick 

Lang, Norman 

Lawrence, Robin 

Lepper, Joseph 

Leslie, Wendy 

Limeberry, Marty 

Linville, Paul 

Litteral, Kimberly 

Lockhart, Heather 

Love, Tammy 

Lovette, Tracey 

Luna, Sondra 

Manns, Tammico 

Marks, Kenneth 

Marshall, Joseph C. 

Martin, LaTeirra 

Martin, Ned 

Martin, Tommy 

Mathis, Dashonna 

Matney, Dee 

Mattingly, Robert J. 

Mattingly, Robby 

Maxwell, Cheryl 

McAtee, Derrick 

McBurnie, Laura 

McCarter, Thomas 


Just Do It! 


McCartney, Teresa 
McChristian, Jayson 
McClain, Steven 
McClendon, Michael 
McClure, Daniel 
McColley, Kevin 
McCurdy, Christopher 
McDonald, Lawrence 

McGregor, Marvin 
Mertz, Natalie 
Middlebrook, Darlene 
Miller, Matthew 
Minton, Ryan 
Mitchell, Julie 
Mitchell, Ladina 
Mitchell, Scott 

Moenius, David 
Morgan, Andrea 
Mosley, Devin 
Mosley, Ron 
Nalley, April 
Nash, Amy 
Nash, Jason 
Nelson, Christopher 

Nichols, Kalvin 
Noe, Dora 
Norris, Angela 
Officer, Aaron 
Olson, Ryan 
Ortiz. Seiji 
Osborne. Tonya 
Outlaw. Tina 

Owens, Keith 

Page. Brian 
Palmer, Tina 
Panmcn. Jeff 
Parcdcs. Alfredo 
Parcdcs. Erik 
Parker. Karen 
Parker. Nicole 

Freshmen/ 139 

Parker, Nyla 

Parker, Tamika 

Parks, Eric 

Parks, Jennifer 

Parrish, Jeffrey 

Patrick, Julia 

Patrick, Randall 

Patton, Stanley 

Payne, Larry 

Pearson, Darnell 

Pelfrey, Brian 

Pennington, Luther 

Perkins, Phillip 

Petty, Anthony 

Phelps, Larry 

Phelps, Nicole 

Phillips, Fern 

Pierson, Ricky 

Pinkston, Greg 

Pinner, Derick 

Pinner, Heather 

Pinner, Kisha 

Pittman, Robert 

Plew, Brandi 

Porter, Nolan 

Pratt, Lucy 

Pressler, Jennifer 

Pressler, Guy 

Price, Rick 

Prosser, Joseph 

Raines, Michelle 

Randle, Cory 

Roberts, Sherry 

Roberts, Tyniesha 

Robertson, Rachel 

Russell, Matt 

Sargent, Donna 

Salyers, Rhoda 

Sanders, Dawn 

Sanders, Helen 

Sare, Joshua 

Schmidt, Glen 

Schmidt, Tamika 

Scott, Angela 

Scott, Christina 

Shanks, Renna 

Sheckles, Andre 

Shelton, David 

Sims, Jennifer 

Sinnott, Angela 

Skates, Debra 

Slack, Tonya 

Smith, Amber 

Smith, Amy 

Smith, Bridget 

Smith, Dawn 

Smith, Garry 

Smith, James 

Smith, Jermaine 

Smith, Kathleen 

Smith, Lament 

Smith, Madonna 

Smith, Nathan 

Smith, Sabea 


Smith, Shannon 
Snider, Marco 
Snider, Maurice 
Solomon, Shawn 
Staples, Kevin 
Stark, Gabrial 
Steele, Janette 
Steele, Jennifer 

Steele, Edward 
Steffey, Mandy 
Steiner, Veronica 
Stephens, Christopher 
Stephens, Jeffy 
Stinson, Jerry 
Stout, Daniel 
Stout, Jeanetta 

Stubbs, Nicole 
Sullivan, Donna 
Sutton, Stacy 
Tandy, Letina 
Taylor, Darnell 
Taylor, Chris 
Taylor, Heather 
Taylor, Marcus 

Tedders, Melissa 
Terrell, Nicholas 
Terry, Chay 
Terry, Melissa 
Terry, Melissa 
Thomas, Janette 
Thomas, Jermaine 
Thompson, Dujuan 

Thompson, Jason 
Thor, Mai 
Tiernan, Michael 
Tilford, John 
Tolin, Heather 
Tolin, Shannon 
Tran, Phuoc 
Tucker, Charles 

Turner, Damon 
Turner, Kristina 
Turner, Leo 
Turnipseed, Tisha 
Valentine, Deshonna 
Vanduyn, Denise 
Vest, Jason 
Wakefield, Donyell 

Above: Freshmen Carolyn Deeter, Shannon Tolin, and Edith Carson 
get aid from Chris Whaley in the library. 

Freshmen 1 141 

Wakelam, Joshua 

Walton,, Glenndon 

Ware, Lisa 

Washington, Byron 

Washington, Kristeen 

Webb, Jessie 

Wessel, Kelly 

West, Stephanie 

Wethington, Silena 

Whatley, Rickey 

Wheeler, Roderick 

White, Zachary 

Whitehead, Crystal 

Whyde, Christine 

Wickersham, Daryl 

Wickersham, Michael 

Williams, Dewayne 

Williams, Santana 

Williams, Wendy 

Willis, Taeonna 

Wilson, Christopher 

Wilson, Jason 

Wilson, Michael 

Wilson, Michelle 

Wilson, Troy 
Young, Jerry 


Left: "Is it a bird? Is it a plane?" No, it is Super Haas 
on Halloween. 

142 1 Freshmen 

Opposite Page Bottom Right: Anita Enz will not be 
able to do much of this — resting — after graduation, 
especially if she goes to college. 

Left: Mrs. Deanna Byrd helps students register. 

Bottom Left: Rachel Stuck and Tracy Tolin "strike a 
pose" as if they had just finished a dance routine. 

Freshmen/ 143 


Frank Tout Madora Walker 

Beatrice Adams Patricia Aman Mattie Ballow Deborah Bareford 

Leslie Bartolowits Douglas Bateman Dean Batman John Beswick William Buckley Therese Calhan 

Audrey Corne Burnel Coulon Mary DeWitz Martha Diggle Warren Dressier Robert Edwards 

Venkatachalapa Ellur John Ervin Christina Francis Susan Fluty Carolyn Freeman Patricia Friedly 


Jayne Granger 

Irvin Haas 

Richard Harpold Edward Hasse Shirley Hembd 

Michael Hepler Robert Huggins Evelyn Keaton 

Shelley Keller 

Shirley Lee 


James Lynch Penelope McNeish Leona McPherson David Miller Lewis Mumford Yvonne Perry 

Sandra Petty 

Charles Pirtle 

Alice Purvis 

Nancy Ratner Pamela Rohrbach Carroll Rumble 

Elise Sanders Paul Sanders 

Greg Shelton Jatinder Singh 

John Skene 

Shirlcv Smith 

Staff/ 145 


be seen in a dress at the Homecoming Pep Assembly. 

Above: Roxy Watson quilts during lunch and after 
school for various school projects and events. 

Right: Audrey Corne, knowing the value of a good 
lunch, manages to eat even though she is very busy 
teaching biology most of the time. 

Opposite Page Top Left: Graduating seniors welcome 
the help of Mrs. Jo Anna Leffler for those last minute 
problems that occur just before the ceremony is to 

Above; Vice Principal Bruce Beck has been noticeably 
absent from the building while on loan to the Educa- 
tion Center. 

Below: Ginny McClellan, Deanna Byrd, and Roxy 
Watson enjoy a carriage ride after chaperoning at the 

Bottom Left: Mr. Ron Ireland has been quite pleased 
with the outstanding awards won by students in math. 

Bottom Right: After school while eating peanuts, Mr. 
Bruce Beck discusses school problems with Mr. Frank 

Staff/ 147 

James Komann 

Frank Loll Charles McGinley Jennifer McNally 



Basil Woodfork James Yarber Arretia Young 


Opposite Page Top: Mr. Robert Huggins may feel he is in 
jail, though he is not, when he handles the financial trans- 
actions for registration and accounts due. 

Above: Do you think Mr. Finkbiner and Mr. Page are 
arguing with the referee in order to fire up the team? 
Possibly. It has been done before. 

Above Top: Mr. John Ervin, English Department 
Chairman, might have obtained his attire for celebrat- 
ing Halloween from his days on a farm in Hagerstown, 
from whence he cometh. 

Above Bottom: Ms. Gloria Jones manages to keep her 
sense of humor even though a new program for atten- 
dance caused her a great many problems this year. 

Staff 1 149 


But thus far, we have made it and know what to do, 

Not letting anyone stop our dre^i^. 
Experiencing our best times together as i 

The day we have all longed for %as Jinalh? 
Now our lives won^t be the same,:- ' 

For dreams we knirnKmn come tri 

JUST DO IT, without anyone stopping m, 

mm '^-^^ 

Original poem By 
Stephanie Wright 




Closing/ 153 

Abner, Eric 60, 68, 124 
Ackelmire, Jennifer 72, 92, 93, 

Acton, Dorothy 134 
Adams, Albert 45, 59 
Adams, Beatrice 22, 144 
Adams, Latrice 128 
Adams, Marcus 73, 134 
Adams, Nicke 128 
Adams, Tamika 128 
Adkins, Manda 50, 51, 79, 134 
Adler, Angela 50, 51, 134 
Ahmad, Malik 76, 124 
Akins, Michelle 48, 50, 134 
Alexander, James 46, 49, 52, 

Alexander, Kevin 124 
Alexander, Laura 80, 124 
Alexander, Micah 124 
Alexander, Ryan 128 
Allen, Stacy 50, 51, 134 
Allen, Tovia 134 
Alsum, LaQuita 42, 110 
Alvey, Michael 128 
Aman, Patricia 144 
Amos, Kanisha 94, 134 
Anderson, Charles 94 
Anderson, Christopher 134 
Anderson, Kevin 42 
Anderson, Shameka 134 
Anderson, Shelly 128 
Anderson, Timothy 76, 94, 128 
Anderson, William 51 
Andrews, Herman 134 
Angel, LaShauna 50, 51, 86, 

108, 109, 110, 120 
Armour, Antonio 49, 128 
Armour, Connie 50, 51 
Armour, Patrick 134 
Armstrong, Stacie 9, 110 
Arnold, Keiona 42 
Atchley, Mark 33, 69, 76, 110 
Atnip, Robin 42, 110 
Austin, Corey 128 
Austin, Donald 22 
Baer, Adam 124 
Bahre, Jody 124 
Bailey, Rosemary 50, 51, 128 
Baines, Marcus 134 
Baker, Lisa 128 
Baker, David 134 
Balfour, Emily 128 
Ball, Angela 48, 50, 51, 128 
Ball, Michelle 50, 51 
Ballew, Danial 128 
Ballew, Robert 48, 49, 68, 76, 

118, 134 
Ballow, Mattie 23, 144 
Balvin, Christine 120, 124 
Bancroft, Mary 148 
Bareford, Deborah 42, 144 
Barnes, Ivan 134 
Barnett, Rachel 134 
Barrett, Chelia 128 
Bartolwitz, Leslie 144 
Barton, Oliver 76, 128 
Basey, Kenneth 58, 134 
Bateman, Darian 42 
Bateman, Douglas 144 
Batman, Dean 144 
Baven, Maria 1 34 
Baxter, Erin 50,51,72,79, 134 
Bean, Adam 134 
Beck, Amy 79, 120, 124 
Beck, Bruce 22, 147 
Beckley, Kristen49, 50, 51,86, 

110, 105, 109 
Belcher, Pamela 128 
Bell, Mose94, 134 
Benifield, Darlyce 107 
Benner, Toni 1 34 
Bennett, Amy 134 
Benson, Kevin 134 
Benson, Margaret 22, 148 
Benton, Jennifer 57, 58, 128 
Benton, Melissa 28, 29, 79 
Berg, Amy 50, 51 
Berry, Robert 7, 22 
Beswick, John 144 
Bibbs, Darvin 134 
Biddle, Christy 72, 110 
Bingham, Stephanie 124 
Bishop, David 134 
Bishop, Elizabeth 128 
Black, Shalonda 42 
Blackburn, Stacy 128 
Blakley, Heather 128 
Board, Shonice 42, 110 
Boardman, Eric 134 
Booker, Anthony 76, 88 
Booker, Wayne 148 
Bow, Melissa 50, 51, 72, 78, 93, 

Bowen, Latania 124 
Bowen, Tamia 128 
Boyce, Lonnie 134, 135 
Boyd, Brian 1 34 
Boynton, Ann 148 
Bradburn, Shawn 134 
Bradford, Contessa 50, 51, 110 
Bragg, David 128 
Bramblett, Robert 50, 51 
Brandon, Jeff 90, 91, 134 
Brantley, Kateacha 134 
Bravard, Bridgett 124 
Bray, Juanita 58, 128 
Breidenbach, Sally 74, 80, 134 
Bridges, Tyus 91, 134 
Brock, Pamela 124 
Brooks, Carrie 128 
Brooks, James 134 
Bross, Eric 134 

Brown, Champale 51, 107, 134 
Brown, Christina 50, 51, 128 
Brown, Deonbrae 50, 51, 94, 

Brown, James 49, 1 34 
Brown, Julie 42 
Brown, Keith 134 
Brown, Larry 149 
Brown, Nicole 43, 45, 65, 66, 

67, 84, 85, 110 
Brown, Roshanda 134 
Brown, Tracy 42, 110 
Brownie, Charles 134 
Browning, Christopher 134 
Brunke, Robert 7 
Bryant, Damon 50, 51, 91, 128 
Bryant, David 134 
Bryant, Kimberly 50, 51, 106, 

Bryant, Shirley 43, 128 
Buchanan, Kathleen 124 
Buckley, William 144 
Buckner, Danyale 93, 134 
Budd, Sharon 148 
Buergelin, Toni 100, 101, 124 
Bullens, Bonnie 70 
Bundy, Jason 45, 48, 80, 118, 

Burgess, Brian 42, 110 
Burgess, Roger 128 

Burke, Christy 134 
Burkhardt, Donnie 38, 128 
Burmeister, William 48, 50, 60, 

120, 124 
Burns, Christopher 78, 134 
Burris, Jeremy 110 
Burton, John 4, 110 
Buster, Christopher 134 
Butler, David 91, 124 
Byrd, Deanna 143, 147, 148 
Byrd, Donna 134 
Caldwell, Keith 134 
Calhan, Theresa 144 
Calloway, Phillip 134 
Canaday, Brian 45, 134 
Canady, Rickey 134 
Cantrell, Christy 42, 86, 108, 

109, 110 
Capps, Christina 134 
Capps, Jennifer 128 
Capps, Mari 49, 78 
Carlyle, David 65, 69, 110 
Carr, Margo 110 
Carroll, Treva 24, 25, 148 
Carruthers, Latoya 93, 135 
Carson, Edith 135 
Carson, Jamie 135 
Carter, Larry 26 
Carter, Melissa 110 
Carter, Shlon 110 
Carter, Thomas 76, 128 
Cary, Laura 135 
Gary, Mandy 135 
Castaneda, Tara 128 
Caster, Patrick 42 
Caster, William 42 
Cates, Renee 58, 135 
Cathcart, Kelita 128 
Caudill, Fred 135 
Cecil, Richard 42, 135 
Chadwell, Memory 135 
Chandler, Teresa 135 
Chaney, Tammy 135 
Chapman, Jason 135 
Chatman, Latasha 135 
Cherry, Lorie 135 
Childs, Christopher 135 
Childs, Rose 44, 45, 47, 49, 70, 

100, 110 
Chittenden, Landon 135 
Clagg, Robert 135 
Clark, Michael 87, 135 
Clay, Christina 135 
Clay, Robert 135 
Clay, Showntay 135 
Clegg, Mistalyn 135 
Clemmons, Dewayne 135 
Cline, Richard 42 
Cloud, Donald 135 
Clouse, Brian 45, 124 
Clouse, Jason 135 
Cobb, Katherine 42, 86, 100, 

109, 110 
Coffman, Sherry 135 
Cole, Angela 135 
Cole, Yolonda 50, 51, 58, 79, 

Coleman, Andre 135 
Collins, Carrie 107, 135 
Collins, Charla 25, 107, 128 
Collins, Deidra 42, 107, 110 
Collins, Gary 124 
Collins, Timothy 78, 135 
Collis, Sherry 135 
Comstock, Tammy 42, 135 
Conner, Jamie 78, 135 

Conrad, Keith 15, 50, 51, 110 

Conrad, Kevin 135 

Cook, Amy 44, 49, 60, 61, 1 10, 

Cook, Angela 135 
Cook, Charles 135 
Coomer, Christina 46, 48, 118, 

Cooper, Kesha 58 
Cooper, Malinda 135 
Gorman, James 128 
Corne, Audrey 144, 146 
Cornelius, Jason 135 
Cornett, Larry 135 
Cosby, Carrie 42 
Couch, Tammy 135 
Coulon, Burnel 144 
Cowger, Melissa 135 
Cowin, Robert 135 
Cox, Jason 10, 49, 50, 51, 53, 

111, 118 
Cox, Matthew 135 
Cox, Rhonda 42, 111 
Coyle, Kristi 3, 35,42, 111 
Cravens, Maria 135 
Crockett, Brian 45, 124 
Crossno, Jeffery 135 
Crowdus, Roosevelt 135 
Cruce, April 58 
Crutchfield, Rutha 1 1 1 
Cruz, Eleuteria 124 
Gulbertson, Max 135 
Gulvahouse, Jon 124 
Cunningham, Christopher 135 
Cupp, Jason 135 
Curry, Jennifer 135 
Curry, Lewis 124 
Dalton, April 42, 58, 124 
Dammeyer, Ryan 64, 71, 80, 

Daniels, William 135 
Davenport, Tosha 42 
Davidson, April 135 
Davis, Charles 136 
Davis, David 91, 136 
Davis, Heather 51 
Davis, Jennifer 70, 124 
Davis, Ross 76, 1 28 
Davis, Stacy 60, 61, 64, 72 
Day, Tyrone 136 
Deal, James 47, 50, 51, 71, 82, 

94, 118, 124 
Deal, Michael 48, 49, 80, 94, 

Deal, Rosemary 21, 44, 48, 49, 

53, 54, 104, 111, 113, 118 
Dean, Benjamin 124 
Dean, Tamika 136 
Dearth, Christine 47, 135 
Deem, Melissa 44, 45, 49, 72, 

79, 100, 124, 127 
Deeter, Carolyn 49, 136 
Deeter, Elizabeth 10, 20, 44, 

45, 113, 158, 159 
Delk, Jennifer 72, 73, 79, 128 
Dennis, Quincy 136 
Denny Laronne 136 
Depp, James 94, 124 
Derington, Charles 136 
Desai, Hari 16, 27, 28, 44, 45, 

Desai, Om 78, 136 
DeWitz, Mary 144 
Dicus, Marlena 136 
Digbie, Serita 41, 50, 51, 105, 


Diggle, Martha 28, 144 
Dillinger, Avery 44, 45, 71 
Dinkins, Atallie 58, 128 
Dinkens, Dale 148 
Donaldson, Andre 7, 88 
Douglas, Christine 124 
Downs, Lashonda 50, 51, 58 
Dressier, Warren 3, 35, 144 
Drinkut, Fred 1 36 
Dubeansky, Joseph 136 
Ducking, Kelly 58, 136 
Dugger, Rebecca 136 
Dulaney, Lisa 136 
Duncan, Angela 128 
Dunn, Jimmy 51 
Dunn, Michael 136 
Durham, Alpha 128 
Dwigans, Michael 88, 136 
Eads, Anna 124 
Earl, Jonathan 136 
Edmondson, Makeda 136 
Edwards, Phyllis 136 
Edwards, Robert 144 
Ege, Norman 68, 76, 128 
Eha, Heather 57, 136 
Eland, April 43, 136 
Eland, William 136 
Eldridge, Jerome 78, 136 
Elliott, Melissa 128 
Elliott, Tonya 128 
Ellis, Christian 107, 136 
Ellur, Venkatachalapa 144 
Emerson, Adrian 136 
Emmitt, Jeffery 124 
Engle, Donald 91, 136 
Enz, Anita 20, 43, 44, 49, 55, 

57, 111, 143 
Ervin, Curt 148 
Ervin, John 144, 149 
Evans, Aaron 128 
Evans, Christopher 128 
Evans, Jerome 136 
Evans, Tracey 42, 1 1 1 
Evans, Vatisha 42 
Falconer, Damon 42 
Farmer, April 42, 111 
Farmer, Clyde 136 
Featherston, Michael 136 
Felts, Kellie 124 
Fields, Chereece 44, 50, 51, 

Fields, Corinna 42, 124 
Finkbiner, Ron 37, 76, 149 
Finney, Darbyann 50, 51, 128 
Fitzgerald, Angle 41, 70, 122, 

Flowers, Latonya 58, 136 
Fluty, Susan 145 
Hynn, Cathy 49, 124 
Foley, Constance 50. 51, 128 
Forbes, Steve 90. 91 
Ford, James 128 
Foster, Crystal 136 
Foster. Daniel 42 
Foster. Michael 136 
Fox. Gabriel 136 
Francis. Christine 144 
Franklin. Jermaine 136 
Frederick, Darnell 136 
Freeman, Carolyn 28. 29, 45. 

French. Cindy 136 
Friedly. Patricia 145 
Frierson. Fitima 66. 85. 93. 

Frye. Cherie 56. Ill 

154 1 Index 

Frye, Dawn 51 
Fullen, Mike 136 
Fuqua, Eric 128 
Futrell, Randall 91, 136 
Gaines, Deborah 124 
Gaither, Rita 145 
Gale, Laurissa 136 
Galyan, Kevin 42, 128 
Gantz, Jason 136 
Garland, Mark 136 
Gaton, Michael 136 
George, Jody 21 
Gibbs, Christopher 136 
Gibbs, Jason 128 
Gibson, Sheila 103, 124 
Gibson, Terri 136 
Gill, Christopher 50, 51, 124 
Gillespie, John 1 1 1 
Glinsey, Arthur 124 
Glinsey, Audrey 137 
Glover, Karen 148 
Golden, Lukeysha 58, 128 
Golden, Rebecca 137 
Goldman, Wanda 137 
I Goldsberry, Samuel 94, 137 
Gonzales, Art 148 
Goodnight, Caria 45, 50, 51, 

Gootee, William 137 
Gordon, Julius 1 1 1 
Graham, Lamont 42 
Graham, Monica 58 
Granger, Jayne 145 
Graves, Jackie 42 
Graves, Kathy 1 37 
Graves, Tamise 137 
Graves, Tanyika 1 37 
Graves, Vonita 137 
Gray, Rebecca 128 
Gray, William 126 
Green, Jayna 9, 70 
Green, Scott 43, 59, 76 
Greene, Brandan 128 
Greenwood, Phillip 148 
Gregory, Adam 76, 111 
Gregory, Eric 1 1 1 
Griffin, Kenyada 61, 111 
Griffin, Kimara 50, 51, 66, 100, 

107, 128 
Griffin, Tashia 137 
Gross, Cornell 137 
Guffey, Melinda 72, 124 
Gunter, Jessica 128 
Gut, David 80, HI, 115 
Haas, Irvin 42, 142, 145 
Hale, Thomas 137 
Hall, Chelsi 1 1 1 
Hall, Kim 124 

Hamilton, Christopher 78, 137 
Hamilton, John 76, 91, 129 
Hammond, Kevin 129 
Hampton, James 78, 137 
Hanna, Deborah 43, 44, 111 
Harmon, Denessa 33, 45, 49, 

102, 103, 100, 124 
Harney, Guyophus 137 
Harper, Hallie 33, 79, 128 
Harper, Jamoni 44, 47, 51, 58, 

Harpold, Richard 76, 77, 145 
Harrell, Angel 137 
Harreil, Richard 28, 29, 80, 

Harris, Demond 128 
Harris, Paul 128 
Harris, Vincent 89 

Harrison, Donald 45, 124 
Harrison, Michelle 137 
Harvey, Darryl 76, 90, 91 
Harvey, Frederick 129 
Harvey, Lamont 51 
Harvey, Rebecca 1 1 1 
Harvey, Sajuan 58, 93 
Hasse, Edward 145 
Haverly, Robert 37, 78, 137 
Hawkins, Chad 137 
Hayes, Michael 129 
Hayes, Michelle 137 
Head, Bridgett 129 
Headrick, Tammy 129 
Hebble, Charles 1 1 1 
Helton, Gary 63, 129 
Hembd, Shirley 145 
Henslee, Robert 137 
Hepler, Michael 145 
Hester, Lowell 149 
Hester, Starr 137 
Hewlett, Jerry 1 37 
Hibbler, James 91, 129 
Hickinbottom, Joel 137 
Hickrod, Marianne 124, 158 
Hicks, Mary 103, 124 
Hicks, Tamara 77, 79, 93, 100, 

Highbaugh, Timika 137 
Hilderbrand, Tina 100 
Hildebrandt, Robert 20, 124 
Hill, John 129 

Hill, NaTrina 41, 104, 107, 124 
Hill, Telisa 58, 137 
Hiser, Joanna 1 1 1 
Hobbs, Heather 49, 129 
Hodge, Jason 137 
Holland, Tiffany 58, 129 
Hollandsworth, Douglas 82, 

Holliday, Michelle 129 
Holmes, Noel 1 1 1 
Hooker, Stephen 137 
Hopkins, Heather 79, 93, 137 
Hopkins, Jason 137 
Hopson, Anthony 137 
Hopson, James 137 
Hornback, Kevin 124, 126, 127 
Hoskins, Cynthia 124 
Hoskins, Jason 137 
Howard, James 50, 51, 129 
Hubbard, Marty 137 
Hucks, Amy 31, 101, 111, 112 
Huddleson, Darla 137 
Huddleston, Dana 49, 111 
Huddleston, Venita 137 
Hudson, Everett 42 
Huggins, Robert 145, 149 
Huggins, Terrance 1 1 1 
Humpheries, Melisa 42, 50, 51, 

Humphrey, Angle 129 
Hunter, Brad 76 
Huntsinger, Christa 15, 30, 70, 

107, 120, 124 
Huntsinger, Jeannine 45 
Hurst, Jerry 37, 124 
Hurt, Jennifer 137 
Hyde, Kevin 124 
Ingram, Deborah 137 
Ingram, Tiffany 137 
Irby, James 137 
Ireland, Jessica 124 
Ireland, Ron 147 
Irvin, Christopher 26, 80, 116 
Israel, Darlene 137 

Jackson, Lisa 137 
Jackson, Melissa 39, 49, 129 
James, Murphy 137 
Jefferson, Antoinette 51 
Jefferson, Nedra 137 
Jenkins, Sandra 137 
Jenkins, Tamara 129 
Jenkins, Tonja 1 29 
Jingles, Jimmie 76, 129 
Johnson, Albert 129 
Johnson, Anthony 1 29 
Johnson, Bobby 91, 137 
Johnson, James 91, 137 
Johnson, Michael 137 
Johnson, Timika 137 
Johnston, Bonnie 137 
Johnson, Chris 33 
Johnson, Emma 124 
Johnson, James 91 
Johnson, Kristena 129 
Johnson, Kyle 76, 1 26 
Johnson, Michael R. 4, 14, 43, 

71, 111, 117 
Johnson, Nicole 50, 51 
Johnson, Takisha 28, 29 
Johnson, Timika 18 
Johnson, Tony 76 
Jones, Barbara 148 
Jones, Cora 28, 29, 106 
Jones, Derrick 25, 76, 137 
Jones, Gloria 148, 149 
Jones, Jill 42, 129 
Jones, Karec 107, 128 
Jones, Kelly 28, 29, 93, 104, 

124, 126 
Jones, Lisa 79 
Jones, Marcus 137 
Jones, Tangie 5 1 
Kayler, Michael 137 
Keaton, Evelyn 4, 43, 145 
Keefe, John 6, 51, 129 
Keller, Shelley 24, 106, 145 
Kelley, April 33, 129 
Kendall, Adriana 83, 137 
Kendall, Aundrea 137 
Kendall, Thomas 137 
Kennon, Jim 76 
Kern, Shannon 137 
Kersey, Billy 137 
Keyes, Linda 138 
Keys, Caesha 138 
Kidd, Carolyn 138 
Kiefner, Amanda 70, 75, 83, 

Killebrew, Robin 42, 43, 1 1 1 
King, Wray 18, 129 
Kinney, Allyson 138 
Kinney, Deborah 138 
Kinney, Warren 1 1 1 
Kirk, Lashawn 50, 51, 58, 138 
Kirk, Shawn 138 
Kissee, Adam 128 
Kizzee, Beth 129 
Klages, Christina 138 
Knight, Gerald 124 
Knighton, Michelle 128 
Knowles, Jerry 44, 45, 48, 49, 

52, 55, 112, 118 
Koman, James 148 
Koontz, Jerilyn 138 
Kord,Tracy8, 17,95, 112, 159 
Kult, Tracy 112 
Lacey, Chris 138 
Lacy, Lolena 42, 112 
Lafollette, Michelle 50, 51, 

106, 138 

Lake, Shirley 49, 138 
Lake, Ralph 42 
Lahey, Jeff 128 
Lakin, Antonio 138 
Lampkins, Lemar 56 
LaMaster, Joe 43 
Landers, Frederick 138 
Landers, Laurie 138 
Landers, Tina 45, 51 
Lane, Andrew 33, 80, 117 
Lang, Christina 129 
Lang, Norman 138 
Langley, James 112 
Lashley, Katherine 40, 101, 

Lawmaster, Rhett 47, 48, 49, 

51, 129 
Lawrence, Jef fery 31, 112 
Lawrence, Robin 85, 138 
Lawson, Amy 128 
Le, Hanh 129 

Lee, Amy 48, 49, 52, 118, 130 
Lee, Benjamin 27 
Lee, Shawn 49 
Lee, Shirley 145 
Lefeber, Albert 76, 129 
Leffier, Joanna 10, 145, 146 
Lemasters, Joel 43, 44, 124 
Lepper, Joseph 26, 138 
Leslie, Wendy 138 
Lewis, Charles 124 
Lewis, John 130 
Lewis, Thomas 54, 55 
Limeberry, Marty 138 
Linville, Paul 139 
Litteral, Kimberly 138 
Lockhart, Heather 100, 138 
Logan, Brant 71, 112 
Loll, Frank 148 
Love, Nicole 127 
Love, Tammy 129, 138 
Lovette, Tracey 138 
Lucas, Robyn 117, 158, 159 
Luna, Sondra 138 
Lundgren, Jonas 69 
Lynch, James 45, 145 
Lyons, Randy 130 
Maciotok, Tracie 70, 103, 112 
Maher, Jennifer 112 
Mahin, Eric 68, 76, 130 
Majors, Tiffany 125 
Malone, Jacintha 4, 48, 49, 86, 

109, 112, 118 
Malone, Joyce 48, 49, 86, 109, 

112, 118 
Malone, Robert 57 
Manns, Tammico 138 
Mansfield, Jason 76, 130 
Marcum, Brian 33, 76, 78, 94, 

95, 129, 130 
Marks, Kenneth 138 
Marshall, Chad 51 
Marshall, Joseph 138 
Martich, Vicki 60 
Martin, Lateirra 138 
Martin, Ned 138 
Martin, Tommy 138 
Mason, Damon 130 
Mason, Nicole 1 12 
Mathis, Dashonna 43, 138 
Mathis, David 130 
Matney, Dee 138 
Mattingly, Joseph 130 
Mattingly, Robert 138 
Maxey, Michelle 42 
Maxwell, Cedric 130 

Maxwell, Cheryl 138 
Maynard, George 49, 118 
Mays, Ahmed 27 
McAtee, Derrick 87, 91, 138 
McBride, Chad 130 
McBurnie, Laurie 45, 49, 52, 

53, 120, 135, 138 
McBurnie, Robert 21, 43, 44, 


75,82,83, 112, 116, 117, 118 
McCain, Megan 79, 130 
McCants, Marlena 111 
McCarteny, Teresa 138 
McCary, Tamica 112 
McCater, Thomas 138 
McChristian, Jayson 94, 138 
McClain, Cheryl 112 
McClain, Steven 138 
McClary, Christian 112 
McClellan, Ginny 147 
McClendon, Michael 138 
McCloud, John 42, 84 
McClure, Daniel 42, 138 
McColley, Kevin 138 
McCullough, Michelle 42, 112 
McCurdy, Christopher 138 
McCurdy, Lynard 138 
McDonald, Lawrence 76, 138 
McFarland, Robert 95, 130 
McGinley, Charles 148 
McGraw, Abdul 130 
McGraw, Idris 44, 112 
McGregor, Marvin 138 
McKinstry, Tosha 18 
McLain, Leigh 27, 130 
McNally, Jennifer 148 
McNeal, Melvin 130 
McNeely, Garnet 50, 51, 113, 

McNeish, Penny 145 
McNellye, Edward 130 
McPherson, Leone 145 
Medsker, Eric 130 
Meek, Jason 1 1 3 
Melton, Sheridan 49, 76, 93, 

113, 120 
Merriman, Julie 45, 65, 70, 86, 

102, 103, 108, 109, 113 
Mertz,, Kimberly 21, 49, 70, 

125, 159 
Mertz, Natalie 49, 135, 138 
Middlebrook, Darlene 138 
Milburn, Linda 149 
Miller, Dave 43, 145 
Miller, Matthew 138 
Miller, Reginald 113 
Minor, Julie 130 
Minton, Ryan 138 
Mitchell, Bobbi 130 
Mitchell, Julie 138 
Mitchell, Ladina 138 
Mitchell, Melita 113 
Mitchell, Scott 138 
Mitchell, Zedia 130 
Moenius, David 138 
Molina, Antonio 80, 113 
Monroe, Lisa 101. 105. 107, 

125, 130. 136 
Montgomery, Aaron 69. 1 13. 

Moody. David 6. 76. 125 
Moody. Wendy 42 
Moore, Amy 8, 24, 72, 113 
Moore, Charles 158 
Moore, Juan 125 
Moore, Michelle 86. 93. 113. 

Index/ 155 

Moore, Shawn 43, 80, 84, 130 
Moore, Sidney 21, 100, 102, 

Morgan, Andrea 104, 138 
Morgan, Gina 130 
Morgan, Jeanette 51, 130 
Morgan, m Juanita 49 
Morgan, Thomas 130 
Morris, Brian 49, 130 
Morrow, Angela 130 
Morton, Dion 89, 130 
Morton, Rosalyn 113 
Mosier, Jennifer 79, 130 
Mosley, Devin 138 
Mosley, Ron 138 
MuUins, Yolanda 125, 126 
Mumford, Lewis 145 
Muns, Regina 130 
Murdick, Heather 45, 125 
Murrell, Lavonne 100, 113 
Murry, Donita 130 
Myers, DaRon 33,76, 77, 113 
Myers, Tara 51, 125 
Nalley, April 43, 138 
Nalley, Michelle 125, 158, 159 
Napier, Vicki 113 
Nash, Amy 138 
Nash, Jason 138 
Neal, Teela 58, 130 
Nelson, Christopher 138 
Nicewanger, Mary 60, 120, 

121, 125 
Nichols, Kalvin 138 
Nicoson, Alisa 45, 118, 130 
Niehoff, Matthew 113 
Niehoff, Walter 47, 130 
Niemann, Paul 130 
Noe, Dora 138 
Noll, Donna 78 
Norfleet, Johnny 42 
Norris, Angela 139 
Nuely, Marlinda 42 
Odom, Gregory 1 1 3 
Officer, Aaron 139 
Offutt, Crystal 113 
Oliver, Christopher 84, 91, 125 
Oliver, Lyman 42 
Olson, Ryan 139 
O'Neal, Tyrone 91, 130 
Orr, Charles 130 
Ortiz, Seiji 139 
Osborne, Tonya 139 
Outlaw, Tina 139 
Owens, Keith 51, 94, 139 
Padgett, Jason 50, 51, 114 
Padgett, Jeramy 131 
Page, Brian 50, 51, 139 
Page, Charles 76, 147 
Palmer, Robert 139 
Paredes, Alfredo 139 
Paredes, Erik 139 
Parker, David 131 
Parker, Karen 78, 104, 107, 

Parker, Nicole 139 
Parker, Nyla 1 40 
Parker, Sean 125, 127 
Parker, Tamika 140 
Parks, Bradley 42, 125 
Parks, Eric 140 
Parks, Jennifer 140 
Parrish, Jeffrey 94, 140 
Partlow, Aimee 43 
Patrick, Julie 140 
Patrick, Randall 68, 76, 140 

Patterson, Alicia 49, 50, 51, 

86, 109 
Patterson, Marcus 45, 131 
Patterson, Portia 131 
Patton, Stanley 140 
Payne, Aaron 38, 43, 60, 125 
Payne, Angela 131 
Payne, Larry 90, 91, 140 
Payton, Lachnwda 45, 59, 58, 

Payton, Laura 35, 44, 1 12, 1 14 
Pearson, Darnell 140 
Pelfrey, Brian 140 
Pennington, Luther 140 
Perkins, Phillip 140 
Perry, Shirley 42 
Perry, Yvonne 42, 145 
Petree, Angela 50, 106, 131 
Pettigrew, Beverly 42, 49, 51, 

86, 109, 114 
Petty, Anthony 140 
Petty, Emerson 88, 91, 131 
Petty, Michael 131 
Petty, Sandra 23, 145 
Phelps, Larry 140 
Phelps, Nicole 140 
Phillips, Fern 140 
Phillips, Hope 72, 131 
Piersall, Gary 14, 69, 114 
Pierson, Ricky 140 
Pinkston, Greg 140 
Pinkston, Kirk 33, 42, 88, 89 
Pinner, Derick 76, 140 
Pinner, Heather 41, 44, 104, 

Pinner, Kisha 18, 140 
Pinner, Shawna 42 
Pirtle, Charles 145 
Pittman, Robert 140 
Plew, Brandi 50, 51, 140 
Porter, David 75, 84, 85, 91, 

Porter, Nolan 57, 58, 126, 140 
Potts, Jasmine 28, 130, 131 
Powell, Nina 131 
Pratt, Lucy Denise 140 
Pressler, Christina 114 
Pressler, Jennifer 50, 51, 140 
Price, Denise 42, 114, 158 
Price, Rickie 140 
Price, Tanika 45, 80, 81, 103, 

Pritchard, John 49, 80, 131 
Pritchard, Paul 31,74,80, 114, 

Proctor, Carl 125 
Proctor, Sherie 49, 50, 51 
Prosser, Joseph 140 
Pugh, Sacha 131 
Purvis, Alice 29, 145 
Quick, Shawn 91, 131 
Quiett, Amy 72, 131 
Raines, Michelle 140 
Randle, Cory 76, 140 
Raney, Brenda 140 
Ratliff, Crystal 42, 114 
Ratliffe, Kacilia 92, 93, 131 
Ratner, Nancy 145 
Ratz, Christopher 49, 50, 51, 

Ray, Mark 82 
Ray, William 131 
Raymer, Branden 37, 68, 131 
Redmon, Carrie 131 
Redmon, Jeffrey 10, 60, 61, 


Reed, Michael 140 
Reed, Michelle 131 
Reedus, Natasha 50, 51, 106, 

Reeves, Christy 140 
Reid, Lindell 66, 76, 131, 144 
Renie, Thomas 69, 148 
Resnover, Sheila 37, 140 
Rhodes, Daryl 140 
Rhodes, Taffi 131 
Richard, Terry 78, 140 
Richardson, Derrick 78, 91, 

Richardson, Michelle 140 
Rivers, Frankie 125 
Roberts, Lakiesha 131 
Roberts, Sherry 140 
Roberts, Tyniesha 140 
Robertson, Rachel 140 
Robinson, Courtney 58, 131 
Rogers, Matthew 114 
Rohrback, Pamela 145 
Roland, Marc 76, 94, 131 
Roof, Ana 44, 70, 125, 126 
Rowser, Luciana 131 
Rudd, Chris 44 
Rumble, Carroll 145 
Rushton, Michael 42 
Russell, Matthew 140 
Russo, Jason 76, 131 
Rutan, Dawn 131 
Rutherford, William 43, 50, 

51,68, 76, 131 
Salyers, Rhoda Missy 50, 51, 

72, 79, 93, 140 
Sam, Martin 75, 84 
Sanders, Andrea 42, 43, 100, 

Sanders, Dawn 140 
Sanders, Elise 145 
Sanders, Helen 140 
Sanders, Paul 1435 
Sare, Joshua 140 
Sargent, Donna 140 
Sargent, Lola 148 
Saulsberry, Nicole 125 
Schaefer, Brian 112, 114 
Schaefer, Stefanie 131 
Schmidt, Glen 140 
Schmidt, April 125 
Schmidt, Jesse 31, 131 
Schmidt, Tamika 107, 140 
Schneider, David 125 
Schwier, Shannon 100, 125 
Scott, Angela 140 
Scott, Christina 140 
Scott, Elizabeth 42, 114 
Sexton, Rebekah 16, 18, 131 
Shanklin, Angela 49, 50, 51, 

Shanks, Renna 140 
Sharpe, Jennifer 43, 131 
Sheckles, Andre 140 
Shelton, David 91, 140 
Shelton, Greg 145 
Sims, Jennifer 140 
Singh, Jatinder 145 
Sinnott, Angela 140 
Skates, Debra 140 
Skene, John 43, 145 
Slack, Tonya 140 
Slaughter, Amanda 41, 44, 49, 

70, 83, 103, 114 
Slayton, Brian 131 
Sloan, Robin 114 
Smartz, David 22, 23, 149 

Smith, Amber 140 
Smith, Amy 140 
Smith, Andre 86, 88, 89 
Smith, Bobbie 41, 50, 51, 106, 

Smith, Brian 76 
Smith, Bridget 140 
Smith, Christina 86, 108, 109, 

114, 158 
Smith, Daryl 76, 131 
Smith, Dawn 140 
Smith, Erick76, 113, 158 
Smith, Ernest 94, 95, 114, 116 
Smith, Garry 76, 140 
Smith, Jermaine 76 
Smith, James 140 
Smith, Jermaine 140 
Smith, Katherine 60, 61, 120 
Smith, Kelly 125 
Smith, Kristy 100, 101, 125 
Smith, Lamont 140 
Smith, Larry 131 
Smith, Madonna 140 
Smith, Nathan 140 
Smith, Nikki 131 
Smith, Olon 45, 125 
Smith, Renee42, 114 
Smith, Sabea 140 
Smith, Shanett 131 
Smith, Shannon 140 
Smith, Shirley 145 
Smith, Starr 58 
Smith, Theresa 1 3 1 
Smith, Tonya 45, 131, 159 
Smith, Robert 131 
Smith, William 71, 76 
Snider, Marco 76, 94, 140 
Snider, Maurice 78, 94, 141 
Snow, Shermika 45, 85, 129, 

Solomon, Shawn 141 
Sommers, Amy 35, 72, 73, 100, 

Sonuners, Heather 41, 72, 105, 

131, 136 
Sommers, Mrs. 103 
Spargur, Kevin 20, 33, 69, 76 
Sparks, Aaron 59, 125 
Sparks, Jason 84, 91, 131 
Spaulding, Robert 148 
Spears, Anthony 76, 125 
Spears, Errol 37, 70, 146 
Spitzer, Laura 79, 131 
Stamps, Jeannie 45, 49, 50, 51, 

Stanley, Brian 45, 71, 76, 125, 

Stanley, Dan 20, 146 
Staples, Kevin 141 
Stark, Gabrial 141 
Starr, Rebecca 44, 48, 49, 83, 

103, 104, 118, 125 
Steele, Janette 141 
Steele, Jennifer 141 
Steele, Edward 141 
Steffey, Jennifer 49, 50, 51, 131 
Steffey, Jill 44, 49, 50, 100, 

103, 125 
Steffey, Mandy 49, 50, 51, 80, 

103, 141 
Steiner, Veronica 141 
Stephens, Christopher 141 
Stephens, Jerry 141 
Stepp, Aaron 47, 50, 51 
Stewart, Michelle 93 
Stinson, Jeffy 141 

Storm, Wendie 14, 86, 109, 116 

Stout, Daniel 141 

Stout, Jeanetta 141 

Stover, Larry 42, 113 

Street, Veronica 131 

Stuck, Rachel 125, 158 

Stubbs, Nicole 141 

Stuck, Rachel 142 

Sugimore, Duane 131 

Sullivan, Donna 141 

Sultzer, Tamika 125 

Sulzberger, Amy 100, 101, 131 

Sutherland, Stephen 115, 158 

Sutton, Stacy 141 

Swanagan, Tyrone 50, 131 

Swanson, Court 131 

Tackett, Angela 42 

Taflinger, Steve 146 

Tandy, Kisha 43, 105, 107, 131 

Tandy, Letina 141 

Tatum, Robert 47, 51, 131 

Taylor, Chris 141 

Taylor, Darnell 141 

Taylor, Derita 35, 61, 131 

Taylor, Heather 83, 93, 141 

Taylor, Hollis 131 

Taylor, Marcus 141 

Taylor, Marina 42, 115 

Tedders, Melissa 141 

Teng, Aun 131 

Teng, Zok 131 

Terrell, Nicholas 31, 141 

Terry, Chay 141 

Terry, Frank 125 

Terry, Melissa 141 

Terry, Tammy 86, 108, 115, 

Theodorou, loannis 131, 141 
Thomas, Aidis 35, 76, 115 
Thomas, Janette 141 
Thomas, Jermaine 141 
Thomas, Phyllis 149 
Thomas, Scott 82, 115 
Thompson, Barry 33, 68, 84, 

Thompson, Dujuan 78, 94, 141 
Thompson, Jason 131, 141 
Thompson, Julie 48, 50, 51, 

Thor, Mai 141 
Tiernan, Michael 80, 141 
Tilford, Chris 42 
Tilford, John 50, 51, 141 
Tolin, Heather 41, 79. 93. 141 
Tolin, Jennifer 72, 79. 86, 92. 

Tolin. Shannon 93, 104, 141 
Tolin. Shannon 93. 104. 141 
Tolin. Trisha 44, 70. 86. 109. 

Tolin, Tracy 44, 70, 86,1 102, 

103, 109, 115. 143. 158 
Tout. Frank 11. 144. 147 
Tran. Phuoc 141 
Trinkle. Keith 11.49. 52, 115 
Trotter. Amanda 72. 83. 103 
Tucher, Michael 44, 69, 115 
Tucker. Charles 141 
TuUy. Dawn 44, 51 
Turner. Damon 141 
Turner. Kristina 141 
Turner. Leo 91. 141 
Turner. Marinda 115 
Turnipseed. Tisha 59. 63. 141 
Uhls. Tracy 50. 51 
Urich, Lisa 21. 30.37,44.48. 

156 1 Index 

70, 104, 125 
Valentine, Deshonna 141 
Valentine, Ernest 65 
Valentine, Frances 149 
Vandivier, Stella 22, 23, 146 
Vanduyn, Denise 27, 141 
VanSell, David 43, 44, 48, 49, 

50, 51, 118, 159 
Vertner, Danielle 58, 79 
Vespo, Joe 5, 20, 43, 146 
Vest, Jason 141 
Vollmer, Joe 76, 146 
Wagers, Bennie 28, 94, 115, 

Wait, Harold 51 
Wakefield, Donyell 141 
Wakelam, Joshua 78, 142 
Walker, Madora 144 
Wallace, Eugene 43, 115 
Wallace, Stacy 86, 109 
Wallace, William 6, 76 
Walters, Shannon 50, 51 
Walters, Charles 7, 29 
Ward, Carmita 125 
Ware, Lisa 50, 51, 58, 142 
Ware, Misty 1 26 
Washington, Byron 142 
Washington, Kristeen 142 
Washington, Tracy 126 
Watson, Roxy 146, 147 
Watson, Sonya 26 
Watt, Maya 50, 51, 100, 101 
Weaver, Amber 50, 51 
Webb, Jessie 142 
Weidner, Taunya 126 
Weinkauf, Alexis 50, 51, 126 
Weinke, Scott 42, 88, 89 
Wesley, James 126 
Wessel, Kelly 142 
West, Stephanie 142 
Wethington, Silena 142 
Whaley, Christopher 4, 5, 30, 

31,45,49, 115, 116, 118, 

158, 159 
Whatley, Rickey 91, 142 
Wheeler, Roderick 142 
White, Keith 50, 51 
White, Zachary 78, 142 
Whitehead, Crystal 78, 92, 93 
Whittemore, Allison 49, 105, 

Whittemore, Lynn 146 
Whobrey, Trixie 46, 48, 49, 77 
Whyde, Christine 142 
Wickersham, Daryl 142 
Wickersham, Michael 142 
Wiggins, John 93, 146 
Williams, Dewayne 142 
Williams, Ralf 90, 91 
Williams, Michael 86, 93, 94, 

115, 116 
Williams, Santana 142 
Williams, Stephanie 126 
Williams, Wendy 142 
Williams, Victoria 49, 50, 51 
Williams, Yvonne 44, 50, 51, 

Willis, Angela 42, 51, 100, 115 
Willis, Felicia 50,51, 104, 107, 

Willis, Taeonna 142 
Wills, Mary 149 
Wilis, Rhonda 50, 51, 106, 107 
Wilson, Christopher 142 
Wilson, Derrick 35, 116 
Wilson, Jason 142 

Wilson, Jennifer 116 

Wilson, Jerry 126 

Wilson, Luretha 127 

Wilson, Marc 50, 51, 80, 126 

Wilson, Michael 70, 142 

Wilson, Michelle 142 

Wilson, Randolph 68, 103, 126 

Wilson, Troy 142 

Wilson, Tuan 42 

Winslow, Clara 5, 20, 43, 44, 

46,49, 54, 55, 104, 116 
Woodard, Andrew 48, 49, 80, 

112, 130 
Woodard, Kristin 20, 49, 55, 

116, 118 
Woodfork, Basil 149 
Woolery, Richard 26 
Worth, Allen 80, 116 
Wright, Brandy 44, 45, 59, 70, 

80, 81, 118 
Wright, James 58, 116 
Wright, Joanne 92, 93 
Wright, Nicole 58 
Wright, Stephanie 42 
Wynne, Michael 42 
Yarber, James 149 
Yates, Tanya 116 
Yeary, William 126 
Young, Arretia 149 
Young, Gayla 42, 120 
Young, Jerry 142 
Young, Norvell 70, 91 
Zaphiriou, Damon 14, 45, 71, 

Zinerman, Gregory 76, 91 

Index/ 157 


This year's yearbook staff acquired a lot 
of new students. Only five previous mem- 
bers signed up for this year. Miss Shirley 
Smith returned after taking over in the 
middle of the year last year and remained 
with the staff throughout the year. 

Two pages that particularly interested 
the staff were added to the book this year — 
a page of senior baby pictures and a "Funky 
Spirit" page. 

Awards were added for students who had 
served on the staff for at least two years. 
The awards went to Elizabeth Deeter, 
Marianne Hickrod, Tracy Kord, Denise 
Price, Christina Smith, and Christopher 

Marianne Hickrod 

Top: Hilltopper Staff (Left to Right): Front Row: Robyn 
Lucas, Tracy Tolin, Marianne Hickrod. Second Row; Mi- 
chelle Nalley, Aaron Montgomery. 

Above Left: Rachel Stuck, Chris Whaley, and Tracy To- 
lin are too busy to have their pictures snapped for the 

Above Middle: Steve Sutherland assists Tracy Tolin with 
her Sophomore section, mostly giving advice. 

Middle Right: Marianne Hickrod gets ready to take oth- 
ers pictures while she is getting her's taken. 

Right: Tamara Terry and Christina Smith are observing 
the varsity basketball team for pictures. 

Opposite Page Left: Charles Moore usually is busy work- 
ing on cropping pictures and drawing layouts for the year- 
1 m n / rw 1 1 . book; the bell hasn't rung yet. 

158 /Hilltopper 


Elizabeth "Betsy" Deeter: Editor-in-Chief 
Christina Smith: Editor and Senior Editor 
Tracy Kord: Editor and Photographic Editor 
Aaron Montgomery: Art Editor 
Tammy Terry: Senior Editor 
Marianne Hickrod: Junior and Hilltopper Editor 
Tracy Tolin: Sophomore Editor 
Michelle Nalley: Freshman Editor 
Jeff Lawrence: Art and Index Editor 
Paul Pritchard: Index and Divider Editor 
Jason Cox: Photographer and Music Editor 
Kimberly Mertz: Photographer and Winter/Spring 

Sports Editor 
Dave VanSell: Photographer and Fall Sports Editor 
Chris Whaley: Photographer and Classroom Editor 
Jerry Knowles: Photographer and Music Editor 
Amy Cook: Tower and Captions Editor 
Charles Moore: Layout Editor 
Steve Sutherland: Captions Editor 
Tonya Smith: General Assistant Editor 
Melissa Terry: General Assistant Editor 
Robyn Lucas: General Assistant Editor 
Rachel Stuck: General Assistant Editor 
Shawn Kirk: General Assistant Editor 
Christine Balvin: General Assistant Editor 
Christine Douglas: General Assistant Editor 
Randy Wilson: General Assistant Editor 
Miss Shirley Smith: Advisor 

The Hilltopper Staff wishes to thank Herff Jones Year- 
books and Root Photographers. The staff wishes to extend 
a special thanks to Larry Glaze from Herff Jones and 
Marg and Debbie from Root, as well as all of the Howe 
students, faculty, staff, and administrators who made this 
book possible. 

Howe Prepares 
for Wars, Future . . . 

The Junior Reserve Officers' Training Program 
at Howe High School is one of the best in Indiana- 
polis and has been for several years. The goal of the 
program is to motivate students to become better 

-Americans.Thisisdoneby'^ '"- - '"" " 

pline, respect, and respor: 

The program prepares silcczu :or respc-::£;:.-. 
leadership roles while making them aware of their 
rights, responsibilities, and privileges as American 
citizens. It is a stimulus for promoiing E'-adu?;':?- 
from high schcsjl and provides instru 
warding opportunities that will benefi: -^ 

JROTC encompasses both classroom instruc- 
tion and extra-curricular activities. Two of these 
activities are the Rifle Team and the Color Guard. 
The Rifle Team competes in matches with other 
city schools and in meets throughout the state. The 
Color Guard presents the National Colors at varsi- 
ihletic events, graduation, and community 
functions. Other activities which students can join 
without being enrolled in JROTC are the girls and 
boys drill teams. Last year the Howe Girls Drill 
Team finished first in city competition and the 
Rifle Team finished third. 

The JROTC program also offers the student the 
chance to investigate further educational opportu- 
nities. Information on college scholarships, l»th 
civilian and military, is included in the curriculum. 

JROTC is an educational, challenging but fun 
class. Students that have chosen to join this proud 
organization will make a significant investment in 
.heir future. 

Albert .Adams